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In mythology, men and women relationship be identified like this; in this culture men represents power and women represents elegancy. Marriage is created by men's power and women gives creativity with their elegant details.

In this concept, we understand that women and men need each other and they should be together. Even if women makes a house home, the foundations of this home is made by men. A marriage in patriarchal societies starts with an invitation of a men to a women. Even if there is a new idea of women can also make proposal, the rate of making a proposal is 94% for men and 6% for women. And there is no chance at all to say no to a good prepared marriage proposal.

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Moreover, why we wear the wedding rings on left hand? For long years couples are wearing their wedding rings which are a symbol for romance on their left hands ring finger. Is it because the left side is more powerful? If you check history, the answer is no. The answer is it is considered as holy side of the spirit.

Wedding City Antalya, which is a wedding organization company in Antalya, Turkey write all tips and tricks and summarized everything for you.

Wedding Invitation

We see on the wedding invitation cards not only the wedding venue and time but also some tips which will show us how the wedding will be. The invitation you have on your hands, does it make you think a colorful, summer wedding in which you can wear comfortable clothes or is it prepared with dark colors and seems a little more formal? We made a list for you to create a wedding invitation which will reflect your weddings theme.

Determine Your Colors

Your wedding theme can consist of flowers and butterflies, or it can have a theme of your favourite movie, whatever your theme is, you will be asked to choose 3 main colors. If you use this 3 main colors also in your wedding invitation cards, you can get your first completeness. For example if you have your wedding in fall, you can choose proper invitation cards with earth tones and you can have a completeness.

Make researchs

After determining your theme and colors, you may want to make some research before you use the first idea for your wedding invitation card. Because probably the first idea which occurs on your mind occurs everyones mind at the first place. If you want your wedding invitation card to be unique, you should think twice. You may find lots of unique ideas on the internet if you make some research.

Be different

Yes we all think when someone says wedding invitation card some paper with writings on it. But your wedding invitation does not have to be a paper. Get out of the frame and let your imagination be free. You can make a wedding invitation card from a vinyl or a flip flop. These ideas can create a smile in everyone's face. You can design your invitation card according to your wedding theme and use different materials to complete your wedding theme.

Make some additions

You may choose a very simple wedding invitation card and you may order it already. You should not be scared, it is not too late for anything. You may use some additions to your wedding invitation card from your wedding decorations and can have a very unique wedding card proper to your wedding theme.

Wedding Theme

It is so important to make the right choice for your wedding invitation card since it is the main thing that reflects your wedding theme. IF your wedding is a formal wedding which requires chic clothes, your wedding invitation card should be in dark colors, plain and elegant. But if you are planning to have cheerful, relaxed country wedding then your wedding invitation card should be

colorful and cheerful. Your invitation card should include some important details such as should people bring their children to your wedding or not.

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Wedding Invitation Card Types

Wedding invitation cards are an ocean. To avoid drowning in this ocean we listed the wedding invitation card types for you. There are 4 different types of wedding cards. Classical type, object wedding card style, wedding invitation card with photograph and DVD and e-mail type of wedding cards. If you are ready, lets start!

Classical Wedding Invitations

To start with most known and preferred wedding invitation card style is classical wedding invitation cards. These classical cards can prepared easily by the companies and it is a preferred wedding invitation card style by most couples. Even if the name is classical, there are lots of options for design, model and print options. You can use laces and stones as accessories and there are lots of different paper options like fabric or recycling paper. Please do not forget that every option can change the price of the wedding invitation cards.

Wedding Invitations with photos

First option is for narcissistic people. You can use your and your partner's photos as a wedding invitation card. The process is so easy, you make a deal with a photographer or you can get help from a friend of yours which has talent on photography. If its possible we offer you to wear clothes which reminds wedding dresses and wedding suits and then let the wedding photographer take your photos. Afterwards you may go to an invitation company and negotiate. You should be careful about your wedding invitation card photo's quality.

Wedding Invitation with DVD or e-Mail

It is a very wise choice as we are in technological era nowadays. It is a very logical choice to have an e-invitation. You can prepare an e-invitation and share it on facebook. Or you can open a new web page with your and your partner's name on it.

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