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Civil marriage in Turkey is important for foreign couples who would like to have a destination wedding in Turkey. Your marriage will be internationally recognized all over the world as the given marriage certificate after your civil marriage in Turkey Antalya is multilingual and international. Wedding City Antalya as an international wedding planner in Turkey Antalya will organize your foreign civil marriage and official paperwork with professional wedding services.

Also, thanks to our good connection with government offices, your civil marriage will be organized at your desired wedding venues in Antalya, such as wedding hotels & outdoor wedding venues in Antalya Turkey. Also, before your wedding in Antalya, our professional team will consult you with official paperwork by checking and guiding you with the required official documents for your civil marriage in Antalya Turkey.

wedding planner in Turkey AntalyaAccording to Turkish law, a Turkish citizen can marry a foreigner or two foreigners who are not citizens of the same state can also marry each other in front of an authorized Turkish marriage Registrar. Two foreigners who are citizens of the same state may marry at the representation of their state in Turkey, and may also marry before the Turkish authorities.

The application for marriage with a foreigner is accepted by the marriage officer, the basic and procedural provisions of this rule on the marriage of Turkish citizens also apply to foreign citizens. Obtaining a marriage certificate is made in the process of direct correspondence of marriage registration officers with the consulates General of foreign States, and these documents can be transferred through the General Directorate.

Marriage Of Persons Without Citizenship Or Whose Citizenship Has Legal Problems

Applications for marriage by stateless foreigners or refugees whose citizenship status is inconsistent are accepted by marriage officials. If there are conditions preventing marriage, if the person has registration in Turkey, then a marriage license will be issued from the General Directorate; if the registration of the person has not yet been established, then act according to the information contained in the files of the security authorities will be determined by the document to be provided by these authorities.

Rights And Conditions Of Marriage

In order to marry, the following conditions are necessary.

  • Be of age.
  • Be mentally healthy.
  • Not to be close relatives.
  • Not to be married (final court decision in case of divorce)
  • There is no legal prohibition on marriage for a woman.

Documents To Be Completed During The Application Process

  • 4 copies of marriage statements signed by people who are going to get married
  • Identity card for citizens, passport for foreigners, birth certificate certified by local authorities, consulates of the country of which they are citizens, certified birth certificate
  • Health certificate
  • 4 pieces of biometric photos.
  • Official document confirming marital status.
  • Civil marriage in Turkey AntalyaCertificate of Capacity to Marry.
  • For foreigners, the Certificate of Capacity to Marry issued by the authorized Central authorities or local representations of this state must be certified properly.

Documents For Obtaining A Certificate Of Legal Capacity In Marriage

Documents that do not require certification

  • The document prepared in accordance with the law of The Hague Agreement and Apostille in accordance with the "Agreement on the abolition of certification of foreign official documents" adopted by our country and notarized Turkish translation of the document,
  • The document must be signed and stamped by a body prepared by the Commission on international persons, implemented in accordance with treaties and regulated by the member States to which our country is a party.
  • If the document was issued by the competent authorities in the country where our external office is located, the document and its proper translation are confirmed by our external representative, the documents are accepted and processed without any other processing.

Documents Subject To Certification

  • If the document was received from abroad, it must be certified by the representative office of the country issuing the document, after a notarized translation into Turkish must be approved in the Prefecture,
  • If the document was issued by a foreign representative of the country, after a notarized translation into Turkish, it must be approved by the Prefecture.
  • If in the region of Turkey where the application is submitted there is no representation of a country, the notarized Turkish translation is certified in the representation of any region of Turkey and certified in the Prefecture. If the document was issued by the representative of that country in Ankara, a notarized Turkish translation was made and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after it was approved, it will be accepted and processed.

Documents Issued By Other Foreign Authorities

Marriage is not registered only on the basis of documents issued by consulates. In case of doubts about the authenticity of the documents at the time of marriage, the official can clarify the correctness by requesting the representation of the state through the Ministry and through the channel of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

Documents For Obtaining A Certificate Of Legal Capacity In Marriage (In Case Of Lack Of Citizenship)

Documents for the marriage of stateless persons, refugees and persons with citizenship problems must be confirmed by the authorities in which the records are kept, according to the information in the register with the full name of the person, to indicate whether there are obstacles to marriage. Foreign citizens must first obtain celibacy documents from consulates in their city, confirm this at The Prefecture's Legal Office, and make 3 copies.

official wedding in Antalya TurkeyTranslate passports to the Bureau of Sworn Translators, and then submit an application from a notary with confirmation and all documents. In addition, when applying, the original passport and two photocopies are required. Couples must undergo a physical examination. Official transactions are considered incomplete after the wedding. One part of the work is performed by the mating, the other by the marriage Department. The marriage Department reports Your new marital status to the population registration departments to which the marrying person is attached. And you need to update your passport.

How To Get An Apostille To A Marriage Certificate?

To obtain an apostille for a marriage certificate, you must first apply to any Department Of Population Affairs. Documents called "Formula B" must be delivered to the Department of population Affairs. The documents, called formula B, replace the marriage certificate. Basically documents called formula B to be obtained from the population office are used and accepted.

After receiving the formula B documents, another transaction will be required. Together with the received documents, it is necessary to apply to the Prefecture at the place of residence. Formula B documents will be delivered to the appropriate perfect; the prefect will prepare an apostille commentary.

How Many Days Does An Apostille TakeFor A Marriage Certificate?

It is necessary to use the time correctly when obtaining an apostille for a marriage certificate. A person who wants an apostille comment can go to the prefect after receiving a document called formula B and complete their transaction. The preparation of these documents will take an average of 1 day.

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