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How Should Be Decoration Of The Wedding Table…

Wedding Decoration is one of the most important stages of your perfect wedding in Antalya Turkey. Your wedding planner will make your decoration as perfect as you can imagine. For both, the ceremony and wedding dinner, your decoration will be made by a professional wedding planner!

Tables, which welcome guests and create an atmosphere, are one of the most important elements of the design of the space. Invitees will carefully inspect their tables throughout the night, including the accessories and decorations on them. Create stylish tables that will impress your guests, you will help qualified wedding organizers.

What Should Be The Decoration Of The Wedding Table According To The Concept?

Wedding planner in Antalya TurkeyDid you know that the common feature of weddings that make you admire and will not leave anyone indifferent is the harmony from the beginning to its end? This is essentially what can be achieved by defining the concept. If you choose the theme of the wedding before you start preparing for the wedding, then both your preparation and the wedding itself will be at the highest level, you can be sure that your guests will be delighted with your ceremony and reception. We also recommend making preferences according to your chosen theme and in table decorations. When discussing the venue with the organizers you will be working with, you should talk about the concept and what decorations you would like to see at your wedding. Thus, you will be able to make harmonious preferences in many details, from the table of the bride and groom to the decorations that will be placed on the guests ' tables, tablecloths and accessories.

Table Decoration According To The Wedding Venue.

One of the most important factors affecting the accessories to be used in wedding table decorations is the location of the wedding. Bright, lush accessories are suitable for luxury venues such as a hotel, historic sites and halls; it would be right to use a more modest decoration at beach or country weddings. Here are our recommendations for decorating the table, based on the venue.

Wedding Table Decorations For Rustic Weddings

Table decorations suitable for country weddings are the abundance of flowers on the tables, which are dominated by green leaves and wildflowers. If you like artistic decorations, you can also reflect this in your wedding by using sculptural vases filled with bright flowers. For ambitious brides who are not happy with the small flowers and vases in the decor, the trees in the middle of the table may be a perfect choice. For even bigger decoration ideas suitable for your wedding theme, be sure to check out our website

Beach Wedding Table Decorations

Beach wedding in AntalyaYou can get your inspiration from the sea in table decorations suitable for beach weddings. Items such as fishing nets, starfish, turquoise glasses, you can make a table decoration that matches the space and spirit of your wedding. If you want to place your guests on simpler decorated tables, then tables prepared in blue and white colours may be a suitable choice for you.

Wedding Hall Table Decorations

If the classical decoration of the hall does not match your taste, you may want to consider various other organizational projects. Just because you're having a wedding indoors doesn't mean you can't use natural materials. From palm leaves, you can decorations in the middle of the table in the form of bouquets or giant leaf-shaped coasters under plates. You should also make sure that the size of the branches you will use in the middle of the table is proportional to space. In a small hall, it would be wrong to use a lot of bright decorations for a smaller table. For small decorations in the middle of the table, dry branches may be a suitable choice. This ornament in the middle of the table can be used, especially at a wedding with an autumn theme, sprinkle dried leaves over the tables to create a theme-appropriate look.

Wedding Table Decorations

We can say that hotel weddings need more gorgeous designs compared to venues like the beach or wedding hall. For this reason, you should also prefer more ambitious table and space decorations. Luxurious giant bouquets prepared by our company are ideal for couples who are going to make a chic decoration of the wedding table in the hotel, using flowers in the middle of the table, sparkling candlesticks and flower paths. Giant accessories are not needed for the bright decoration of the table. Tables decorated with bouquets of large and small flowers, which correspond to the concept of the wedding, are also an ideal choice for weddings in the hotel.

Wedding Table Decorations On Historical Sites

Now it is the turn for historical places where luxury accessories can show themselves in full growth and strength, ambitious projects can be used as well as possible! At historic wedding venues, which are the address of gorgeous weddings, accessories must also match the venue. For example; giant candlesticks, chandeliers, decorations in the middle of the table can be used to decorate the ceiling. You can illuminate the dim surroundings of historic sites with giant candlesticks. With these long and multiple candlesticks decorated with tree branches, you can create a mystical mood in the wedding venue.

Wedding Table Decoration Accessories

You can decorate your wedding tables in different ways and use different accessories. On a wedding day, for example, you can create stylish and glamorous tables in a variety of ways, from tablecloths to walkways, table flowers to candlesticks.

Beach wedding planner in Antalya TurkeyWedding Tablecloth

It is important that the colours that will be used on the tablecloth also match the concept of the wedding and the season in which you are holding the wedding. For example, for winter weddings, you can choose dark shades such as Burgundy, dark blue, and for spring and summer weddings, you can include bright shades such as yellow, green, pink, green. Also paying attention to the colour harmonies of colours and other accessories used on the table, with tablecloths used on guests ' tables, you can create an atmosphere using stylish tableware.

Instead of using tablecloths, you can also choose paths that are made of fabrics such as lace, tulle, satin. Making jewellery with flower branches on it will create a pleasant image. If you want, you can also make a path consisting only of flowers and leaves on a bare table by Contracting with a flower company.

We interviewed experts from organizing firms about the latest wedding decorating trends: 10 wedding decorating tips that have been presented in recent years from experts

Flowers On The Wedding Table

When I talk about the decorations of wedding tables, I put the flowers in the first place. You can also make the guests ' tables unique, different from each other, using the right decoration with beautiful colours. For example, if you are going to have a wedding in a large and stylish club or salon, you can put colourful flowers by placing them in giant vases on the tables. If you are planning an ordinary wedding in the countryside, you can use colourful wildflowers and also choose glass jars as vases. You may be interested in our article, which presents our proposals for decorating a country wedding.

Candle Holders For Wedding Tables

Candlesticks are a must-have accessory for a luxurious wedding. Candlesticks suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings, in addition to being a stylish table decoration, are also used in indoor lighting. I like classic models of the old type most of all. If you carefully plan the scenery, your wedding will be unique and will be discussed for many years. Carefully selecting every detail, you can spend a perfect wedding. Wedding cards can also be called one of such details. You can also place your table number with metal and geometric details, which is among the wedding decor trends at your wedding.

Wedding Planner in TurkeyOther Accessories For The Wedding Table

You can vary the accessories to decorate the wedding table as much as your imagination allows you. For example, I suggest you make space on your wedding table for succulents, which are the favourite decors of recent years. Especially if you have used gold in details such as Cutlery, you will be amazed by the harmony of green and yellow. Gold in details such as Cutlery. Table decorations such as, beautiful table decoration beads, gold and silver decorative beads that you will place in transparent jars, lanterns, gypsophila flowers that can be used together with candles on the edges of the table, you can mark it for yourself somewhere, as different table decoration ideas.

Cocktail Table Decoration

If you are going to make a wedding in the form of a cocktail dinner, you should make a few but concise touches of wedding table decorations. Since bistro tables are small, so when it comes to treats to make your guests feel comfortable, I would advise you to choose miniature ingredients to decorate the table. For example, thin long candlesticks, small candlesticks, colourful flowers placed in narrow vases, small beads or stones sprinkled on tables can be the minimal touches you would make on cocktail tables.

Bride Groom Table Decoration

The time has come to the table of the bride and groom, which is one of the most important elements of wedding decoration. Lately, these flashy, frilly tables are no longer very relevant. Previously, the bride and groom ate wedding dinner and cake at such tables, if tired, then sat down to catch their breath. But at today's weddings, you know the bride and groom don't usually sit. After dinner in the hall where the food was served, we either see them on the dance floor or walking from table to table, talking with guests. If you want a classic wedding table, I want you to also have an idea of how to decorate it. There are many methods of decorating the wedding table according to your wedding concept, colours, depending on the wedding venue and the materials you prefer.

Our main advice for you is not to make a decision on how to decorate the table of the bride and groom, before clarifying the concept of the wedding. Imagine, you actually want to make a wedding in a country style, but since you have not defined your concept and did not tell your wedding company about it, they begin to pick up the scenery that does not fit your plan.

Once you have defined the concept to avoid incompatible styles, you should share the idea with your wedding organization and talk about decorating. Now, if you want, let's stop a bit on what applications can be made to decorate the wedding table:

Bride Groom Table Decoration

In decorating the table of the bride and groom, I really like colourful tulle and combinations with flowers of the same shades. You may prefer this kind of table decoration, especially if you are going to get married indoors, such as the wedding hall, the ballroom of a stylish hotel.

Wedding in Antalya TurkeyTable Decoration By Lace

As we live in the Golden age of lace, we often see a reflection of this in the decorations of the wedding venue. If you're going to have a rustic wedding with a Bohemian touch, don't be surprised by the lace.

The Decoration Of The Table With A Draped Cloth

If you like simplicity, you can make a nice tablecloth fit by using fabrics like cotton, silk satin, silk in colours that match your wedding concept.

Decorating the table with flowers in tone, tablecloths, will turn the space into a flower garden.

The Accessories for the Bride and Groom’s Table

There are so many wedding decorations that you can use on your wedding that can seduce you with their beauty. I want to remind you that when choosing accessories you should also consider the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are holding a rustic wedding in nature, you may prefer more natural and small candlesticks instead of the bright large candlesticks used in ballrooms. Thus, the accessories used at the wedding can perfectly complement each other with decoration and atmosphere. Let's look at the wedding table models prepared using various accessories and table decorations.

Table Decoration With Candles

The place of candles in the decorations of the wedding table is always special. Glass candlesticks to decorate the table of the bride and groom can also be used.

Table Decoration With Flowers

You can create a pleasant spring breeze by using flowers in the decoration on the table of the bride and groom. Also, pay attention to the flowers you choose to match the bride's bouquet, I am sure you will understand the beautiful harmony. If you want, you can also create different combinations on the table using artificial flowers at the wedding.

Glasses in the Decoration of the table of the bride and Groom

The place of stylish wedding glasses in the decoration of the table of the bride and groom is special? If you are going to have a wedding in a chic ballroom, you can choose the bride and groom glasses with tiny red stone crystals. If you are going to have a wedding in the countryside, small wildflowers with elegant ribbons and bows can be tied to the wedding glasses of the bride and groom.

Table Decoration With Table Inscriptions

As the decor of the table of the bride and groom, you can use different inscriptions. Thus, the table on which you will sit with your future spouse will be different from the guests ' table. If you want, you can use "Mr and Mrs" as well as the initials of your names, which you can place on your Desk.

Background In The Decoration Of The Table Of The Bride And Groom

Let's face it, backgrounds for the table of the bride and groom add a separate mood to the situation. The background can often tell the backstory! A background compatible with your wedding concept and table decoration will make your wedding unique. As backdrops can be a frame, hanging accessories, taillights with led lights and more.

Chairs For Bride And Groom

Organizing companies really work wonders using flowers, tulle, lace, ribbons, various fabrics to make the place for the bride and groom a real decoration. If you want, you can use this style of jewellery as a figure describing the concept of a wedding. For example, at a wedding in the marine style, which will be held on the beach, you can create integrity by hanging on the sides of the chairs small anchors, fish, sailboats.

Decoration Of The Official Wedding Table

If your formal wedding is to be held at a wedding, you will most likely use the wedding registration desk. Examples of wedding table decors include feather pens, sparkling threads, crystal stones, draped shiny fabrics. If you are going to get married in the wedding hall and prefer a white lacquered wedding table, just decorate it with colourful flowers, so you will give your guests a visual feast. If you're planning a vintage-themed wedding, you can use a massive table, decorate it with lace drapery and a vase of gypsophila flowers. Think about how to harmoniously emphasize a vintage wedding dress.

Wedding Altar And Decoration Of The Wedding Podium

Weddings in Antalya Turkey

I mentioned above that some weddings no longer use a table for the bride and groom. The use of wedding stands has increased significantly in recent times.

Young couples often choose these bleachers. If you are planning an elegant beach wedding or a rustic style wedding, you can use a wedding pulpit, you can also add variety to the decoration of the wedding venue by using a stylish wedding arch.

I find the arches very impressive, especially those decorated only with fresh flowers. In addition, pleasant images are obtained with combinations of fabrics of colour corresponding to the wedding theme, with flowers.

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