Tracy & Richard Clvil Marriage

Civil marriage in Turkey is really important to British wedding couples who would like to have their British wedding in Antalya - Turkey.

Dear Tracy & Richard notified us their wedding request by mail from the UK for their Civil Marriage In Turkey Antalya. They checked our website and they liked Gloria Golf Hotel very much. We have immediately sent them our wedding package for 9 people which we have prepared for Gloria Golf Hotel.

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Tracy & Richard liked our wedding package and directly confirmed their package and 28.07.2015 as the wedding date. So we have started the document preparation for civil marriage. We have met with Tracy & Richard at Gloria Golf Hotel at 09:00 am. It was very nice meeting just like we knew each other for years. They said that we are going to Turkey Antalya for holiday with their family. No one knew except Tracy’s mother that their civil marriage in Turkey Antalya. We tried to keep this secret. They informed the guests while we are going for document preparation that we are going shopping. Document preparation was finished before afternoon. We went to see the wedding venue when we came back to the Hotel. Tracy was very happy and surprised.

They said that ‘’ we were waiting for you with some questions such as Who will pick us up? Where will we go? How many days do we need? but we were very surprised. All legal requirements for marriage in turkey are finished within 3 hours without a problem. She also said that you have to write all these information on your website and on your blog. We are coming by taking the chance more difficulty. We just worried about nothing. ‘’ I think they were right. Of course, we were acting humble about our services.
We have prepared the pavilion near of river as wedding ceremony venue by doing decoration with vibrant colors at Gloria Golf Hotel.Wedding planner In Turkey

Civil Marriage in Turkey

Everything was excellent but I was very excited. I was wondering what did Tracy reach her dreams? I could only understand from Tracy’s eyes when she comes to the wedding venue.

She was coming to the wedding venue. To be honest, I was more excited than Tracy & Richard. Expression of happiness appeared on her face and she was about to cry but it was because of happiness. I could understand that she liked everything. She was full of enthusiasm. Tracy’s mother just came and said ‘’Thank You for Everything‘’ We enjoyed to made them happy on their most important day and met their all expectations consummate.

We have prepared ‘’ Sand Ceremony’’ for Tracy & Richard. They filled the specially prepared vase with pink and white sands by wishing for each other. They will always remember their most important day in Turkey-Antalya when they see this vase filled with their wishes. We are sure that they will also remember us as well.

Civil Marriage in Turkey

They have had a great time with our team because they were very cheerful and friendly. Also, they have had a

great time during the wedding photoshoot. These moments reflected their wedding pictures.It was a very special civil marriage ceremony because the couples were very special. It’s not possible to forget them too. I remember their cheerful moments when I everytime see their wedding pictures.

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager


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