Sonja & Stephen German Wedding

German wedding in Turkey with official paperwork and formal wedding ceremony will be remarkable for

German couples who would like to have their wedding in Antalya with the help of an International Wedding Planner in Turkey Antalya.

German Wedding planner in AntalyaWe met Sonia and Stephen in Antalya before the wedding. They came to choose a hotel for their wedding. Of all the variety of hotels which we cooperate with the most, they liked the beach area of Rixos Premium Tekirova. Having booked the hotel, we agreed to hold a wedding on May 20, 2017.

Together with their families, Sonja and Stephen settled in the hotel Rixos Premium Tekirova with the temptation of an unforgettable wedding and honeymoon. On May 18, 2017, in the morning at 09:00 our team took them from the hotel to take them to the municipality of Kemer with the purpose of filing documents for the official registration of their marriage. Sonja was very excited and worried about the fact that the weather could be raining because the wedding ceremony and wedding dinner will be held on the beach. We constantly monitored the weather forecast, but unfortunately, meteorologists predicted a downpour.

While Sonja was having her hair and makeup done, a torrential downpour began. We had no choice but to wait for the end of the rain. German Wedding organization TurkeyWe prepared everything for the decor of the wedding ceremony indoors and finally at 17.00 the rain ended, and by 17.30 at last, the sun appeared from behind the clouds. As Sonja desired official registration was held on the beach and the bride and groom have had a photo session near the sea.

We decided not to risk and hold a wedding dinner in a closed a la carte restaurant.

Stephen 's mother is of Turkish origin. His Grandmother, a gorgeous Istanbul lady with a young soul and incredible energy, told that she was very fond of dancing when she was young, and now she must dance at her grandson's wedding. From the musical instruments at the wedding, the classical guitar and violin playing and it would be impossible to play Turkish folk music on these instruments, so our team immediately found the Turkish folk music "Gardens of Ankara" on the Internet and all the guests started dancing with great joy. German and Turkish guests danced together to the folk songs of Ankara.


The guests stuck in paper money on the newlyweds, most of all the breast and forehead of the bride were full of money.

Our entireteam watched with great amazement Stephen 's grandmother and applauded her.

Having gathered all together to dance the folk dance of chorion, the elderly grandmother continued to amuse everybody. Everyone received great joy from her fiery dances. Thanks to friendly relatives, the wedding of Sonja and Stephen was unforgettable. Dear Sonja and Stephen, I wish your family life was as cheerful and happy as your wedding. It was a great honour for me to meet you and your family.

General Manager
Gülseren Özdemir

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