Weddings On Mediterranean Coast

Antalya on Mediterranean coast is important wedding center

Wedding on the Mediterranean coast of Antalya is beyond dreams. During the sunset behind Olympos Mountains in Antalya, the sun is so red and huge that you have never seen it. But when this piece of red flame comes to the water of the Mediterranean, wedding photos of the bride and groom on this background are immortal.

Photos of wedding ceremonies against the sunset on the beach of Antalya look like portraits of Picasso. Immortal, Evenings on the coast of Antalya are the biggest opponents of sunsets. As soon as the dusk over the Mediterranean, it stands a huge crescent.

Heavenly golden picture
Weddings on Mediterranean coast

The crescent rises higher and its glow falls on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Crescent dances on the waters of the Mediterranean. Hurry up with the wedding dinner and invite your beloved to the first dance. Dancing barefoot in the sand under the crescent moon, tell your beloved about your feelings. Let the melodies of the violin and Antalya make this moment immortal.

Mediterranean coast of Antalya

Wedding City Antalya

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