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Marriage Psychology

What is marriage psychology?
If you understand the real reasons of the mood swings between happiness and anxiety, you will handle with them easier.

During wedding preparations, families and close relatives and friends are very generous to share their experiences. We are not saying that you should not listen them but do not forget that everybody experiences everything with different perspectives. You should only think about yourself, your partner and the common life you are building together.

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Why it scares you to be two?

If you really love the person you are going to get married, then you can handle the anxiety you feel. You may be scared to have a two person life as you have been living a solo life and you were only thinking about yourself. However give yourself some time to observe your new life. Give yourself a chance to be happy.

Will there be an end for your responsibilities?

Modern life means getting responsibility. Think about the responsibilities that you will get after you get married, is it really much more than your life without a marriage? Even if the answer is yes, doesn’t it worth it? For instance you are scared that it will affect your career? you may proceed in your career life, but you will be alone. If you get married, you will have the person you love and you will be loved by that person in good or bad days.

To get over marriage fear first you should now from what you are afraid of. Be honest with yourself so you can get over it.

What are the reasons of marriage fear?

Marriage fear usually appears between men, however in modern era we live in, women can also feel some fears about marriage. There are two main reasons. First one is the responsibilities. For example both men and women who is spending the earned money only for themselves are scared to have a responsibility for children, rent and other expenses of the house. Second one is the challenges of human relationships. Because to get married means to take your partners’ family in your life. And even if you do not want, you should spend regularly time with them.

What should be done for get over the fear?

Take a paper and a pen. Divide the paper in two. Write on one side what you are doing in your life without marriage, write on the other side what you are going to do on your married life. Mark with a red pen the things you want to continue doing while you are married. Mark with another color the things you never want to do during your marriage. give yourself some time to think. Talk about these things with your partner. Write also the issues that is bothering you and talk with your partner about these issues also. In this way you can understand each other, you can learn to be respectful to each other and to talk about your problems.

Easy tricks to have a long and happy marriage

It is not a secret that marriage requires effort. To beginning with, we are human and humans make mistakes. However, some couples can be together for a life time and continue their healthy marriage. You wonder how? In this article you may find suggestions from the people who manage to have healthy, strong, successful marriages. In every situation you have a chance to choice, choose to be polite. You should be respectful to your life partner as much as a stranger who you are dating for a first time.

Enjoy your partnership with each other

Be best friends with your partner. Enjoy sharing your life together. Enjoy spending time together. Be honest and clear to each other. Really. Say this, out loud, as much as possible. Moreover not only show your love with words, but also make your partner feel it. Be honest about the things that are disturbing you. Do not put off the things that should be talked about.

Limit external factors

Of course both your family and your partner’s family is important but do not forget that you two are a family also. Do not settle with the words ‘I love you’. Make your partner remember the love between each other with small gifts and surprises. This will make your emotional bonds stronger and you will overcome the challenges you face easier.

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Distance can make you miss each other

Spend some time alone. You and your partner should do some activities separately. The distance and time between you and your partner makes you miss each other and it makes you more passionate. Nobody can respond the needs of their partner hundred percent. But it is also important to respond 80 percent of your partner’s needs.

Value each other

Do not forget how important the little things are like a compliment. Do not believe mistakenly that you guarantee each other. Of course you should now the importance of being us but you should never forget that there will always be a ‘’you and me’’ also. It is good to get along well with each other and have common ideas but it is natural to think different sometimes.

Provide a strong friendship basis

You have to be friends. Your husband or wife should be someone you want to spend time with. Of course love is important but not enough to maintain a relationship alone.

Do not forget that relationships have 2 sided ways

Be honest about your wishes and needs and listen to your partner about his or her needs and wishes. Nothing can be perfect forever. There will be some disagreements. Sometime your partner’s words or acts can break your heart. Happy couples deal with these issues by talking.

A guide to survive before wedding

The ring is on your finger now and the big day is really close. If you are thinking to run away, stop! With this guide it is so easy to get married. Make your wedding dress rehearsals early in the morning. Your rehearsal can be better with a light stomach and with an energetic you. Do whatever makes you happy. This is your wedding. Do not let people confuse your mind with their different ideas. Even if this person is your mother, mother in law or even your best friend. Never force yourself to do something you do not want to do. Just decide what you want and do it. Meantime, do not break anybody’s heart.

Give different responsibilities to your partner, mother and friends who are volunteer. Believe us that they are ready to help. Take care of sitting arrangement. One of the most important topic of your wedding night is music. Decide with which song you are going to enter the wedding venue, which song you are going to dance with how to start and end the night before wedding day. If you want live music, consider your wedding guests and your wedding concept.

Think about hiring a wedding organizer. Our wedding operator company Wedding City Antalya will help you during this process. We have all the knowledge and experience to organize your dream wedding. When the day arrives, just enjoy. Whatever will be, will be. Now the only thing you should do to hold your partner’s hand and take him or her to the dance floor.

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