Sofreh Aghd Ceremony

İf you hearing about Iranian wedding ceremony, the first what is coming to your mind is religious marriage ceremony named Sofreh Aghd ceremony.

Preparation for the Sofreh Aghd ceremony need make decoration of the “Sofreh” table with satin and lace. The “Sofreh” place should be decorated with mirrors and special Swarovski stoned candles and candle holders also will be set up on it. Fresh flowers inside of silver glass vases.

Iranian Wedding Ceremony In Turkey
According to the Iranian traditions special decoration and the best accessory on Sofreh Aghd table are curled almond and nuts.
In SofrehAghd table will be silver vases, which also decorated inside with white pearls and on top of it will be decorated with crystal white tops. Silver plates with different types of Turkish baklava brilliantly decorated Sofreh Aghd table. Sofreh” table decoration at the Iranian wedding and the organization of the Sofreh Aghd ceremony itself by our company is always receive appreciation.
Sofreh Aghd Irani In Turkey