Important Information For Successful Marriages

Being a Life Partner

Marriages are primarily an attempt to establish a family.Being a family happens first like becoming a spouse and then having a child.

Marriage is the most comprehensive partnership in life. Both partners are partners of each other's life, both reproductive and the survivor, and the sexual partners. Therefore, the most private partnerships that are not housed in other relationships in human life exist among the spouses.For this reason, we psychologists consider marriage as a very special and important lifestyle and recommend that everyone give the same importance to it.

Marriage life plays a remarkable role in the success and performance of people in other areas of life.The power to endure the difficulties of a happy person's life,and to fight those difficulties is certainly higher. There is happiness at the source of moral and motivations for life,and there is a successful marriage at the source of happiness.Therefore,married people should give importance to their relationship and sharing with their wives, and should make constant efforts to improve their marital relations and improve the quality of their contribution in this relationship.

For a man marriage begins with the marriage witha woman. Perhaps, before that people had a job, career and power, but these are other gains of life.When you get married you will have to be a wife and fill it with a proper attitude and behavior. Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race,nationality or religion,have the right to marry and to found a family.In addition,healthy communication,the right priority, the desire to share and healthy sexuality are known as locomotive of marriage.

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Marriage requires that the sense of self be left in the background and that the desire to be “us” be replaced.Being “us” also means the integration of men and women.It should be noted that this integration will be a remarkable determinant in the settlement,consolidation and spread of the marriage. The fact that a woman and a man can be a partner for each other also depends on the realization of this integration.

As with all relationships,there is a need for good intentions,sincerity,correct contribution, responsibility and taking into account the role of sexual identity.In marriage life, there will be duties falling according to their predisposition to women and men. In case that everyone has fulfilled their sexual identity with a sense of sincerity and responsibility,that marriage is a healthy phase, and the parties will realize that they can be partners for each other.

The first condition to be the right spouse is to be able to be self-confident and to be able to demonstrate the flexibility and fluidity.If the concept of “self” created in the life of celibacy is persisted too much,it will obstruct the flow towards this spouse, harm the cooperation and delay or prevent integration.For this reason, it should be remembered that marriage requires maturity and understanding which has to be passed beyond the concept of self.In marriages, both men and women are stuck in the principles of their own self-integration should not occur and marriage either a blockage or and it's going to turn into an unhappy relationship.

Another important factor in the way of being a wife is a sacrifice.It's obvious that you can't be the right wife by ignoring your own flaws.Let us not forget that it is God's right to give away and the mutual transmutation of spouses in the relationship of marriage is extremely important.Moreover, the partnership of life established with marriage is not like a partnership of business.sometimes it requires a return.

Being a partner also requires being a good sexual partner.For this reason,it is recommended that women and men prepare for intercourse by taking into account the expectations of their partners,care for body cleanliness, be well-groomed and participate towards the relationship.The purpose of sexual intercourse is mutual sexual satisfaction.In this sense, spouses should experience sexuality by taking into consideration each other's satisfaction.

Especially in difficult times, spouses are most likely to seek support from their peers.Because the person closest to a married man is his wife.Therefore,it is very important to have a partner as a helper, an understanding or even a complement in such periods. It can be a health problem,an economic problem, or another major problem.You know that marriage life is a life partnership that requires one to be together in sickness, and in health, not only in good times, but in bad times too. For this reason, it is very important and healthy for spouses to own each other when they need solidarity, it is necessary in terms of integration.

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One important aspect of being a partner is that men and women can represent each other.There are such wives that they cannot be with their partner in any environment or they do not make the necessary effort to do so.However, marriage is also a life partnership that requires the ability to move together.Shared things will increase the common denominator of couples and increase the quality of marriage relationships.

One of the important sharing between spouses is the ability to talk and discuss.You will not be able to carry out a healthy marriage without a healthy dialogue.Therefore, as soon as the marriage starts, the spouses should attach importance to the communication between them and should strive to improve this communication.In many problematic marriages, we see that communication between spouses is limited and that they cannot share life with natural integration.For this reason, the spouses should give importance to oral dialogue and develop.

Usually, relations with the origin families are at the top of the issues of marriage relations. In the past, especially in terms of brides mother-in-law relations there were a lot of problems. Luckily, there has been an improvement in these issues in recent years.However, the relationship between the spouses and the family of origin is still an important problem.In fact,when a person enters a family as a bride or groom, the approach of the family elders is an important determinant of the temperature in this approach.However, it should be known that love and respect for the later establishment of this kind of behavior should be mutual.No one can force his wife or husband to love his family.Because love is not a feeling that can be revealed by force,but a feeling that is formed by itself.if it has occurred, it is an important gain, but if it does not, it is clear that trying to kill will not serve a purpose. Therefore, we advise couples not to force their families.Because coercion can counteract it.We just have to wait for love to determine the flow in their relationship, but we have to ask our partners to respect our family.

A good wife means being able to share and listen to your partner.For this reason,love, sincerity and good will are essential.If an effort is added to improve the relationship, a healthy integration will be achieved over time and a woman and man will be able to be a partner for each other.

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