Choose Shoes That Complement Your Wedding Image at the Wedding

You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing Your Wedding Shoes?

Wedding organization is a process that requires a careful approach from the beginning to the end. The choice should be not only beautiful

, stylish, but also comfortable at the same time. The most convenient at the wedding should be wedding shoes. This is of great importance, as the bride's shoes require a special approach. The choice of shoes is also important for the engagement and wedding ceremony. No one, including you, does not want to experience pain in the legs, because of the wrong choice of wedding shoes.

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Heel Height

The height of the heel is quite an important criterion in the choice of wedding shoes. Ideal - maximum platform 3-4 cm and heel 12 cm. If you buy shoes with high heels, you will be forced to take off your shoes at the end of the wedding night. In addition, for shoes of such organizations, in addition to the heel is the platform which makes the shoes more comfortable. If you don't like platform shoes, you can choose models with hidden platform.


Wedding shoes usually have the same colour as the wedding dress. Therefore, before you go to buy shoes, you can choose the right choice in respect of shoes, taking a small part of your wedding dress. Also, don't forget to consider your wedding accessories when choosing shoes. If you don't use accessories, wedding shoes can be a little more pretentious.

The Shape Of The Heel

Despite the fact that sellers say that thin heels are durable, fractures can occur after prolonged use. Thus, instead of these models, called stilettos or, for weddings should be preferred model average thickness or thick.

The Choice Of Material For Footwear

Wedding shoes’ materials include suede, leather, lace and satin patterns, which are often among the preferred materials. If your wedding is approaching winter, you can choose suede shoes. In addition, patent leather, leather and suede have no elastic share in the shoes. Therefore, if the choice in this direction is made, you should not take narrow shoes for the wedding.

Weather Conditions

The choice of wedding shoes depending on the season is another important topic. No one wants to freeze or hurt their legs, this is the most vulnerable part of the body, which is most affected by the cold on this beautiful day. Therefore, if the wedding is held in the summer, you can choose shoes with an open toe and satin. If the wedding is held in winter, it is preferable to be silk and covered shoes.

The Wedding Venue

The choice of shoes according to the wedding venue, where you will spend most of the time, can not be ignored. If the wedding ceremony takes place in an area such as sand or earth, too long and thin heel will not be very suitable.

Convenience And Comfort

Apart from all these factors to consider, your convenience is also very important. So be said above: "thick heels, not thin heels" which we mentioned above are not for you if you feel comfortable in thin heels. So do a lot of rehearsals before the wedding in the house with your shoes and understand what you want, feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable, you are entitled to a refund.Wedding in Antalya Turkey

Harmony With The Groom's Clothes

Harmony with the groom's clothes is perhaps the most important detail. The main factor that should be paid attention to is the growth of the groom. If you wear wedding shoes with heels at a wedding, you become longer than the groom, funny images may appear. If you are too short next to the groom, this can also be fixed with a wedding hairstyle and heels.

Spare Shoes

You don't want all these beautiful wedding preparations, everything you've planned, to go wrong because of the shoes. So be sure to take a pair of spare shoes with you. You do not need to buy these backups. You may also have shoes that you already use in your home. The important thing is that it is comfortable and suitable for your wedding dress.

When To Buy Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes must be purchased before the length of the wedding dress is adjusted. This means that a decision has to be made in the last rehearsal. If the shoes are received later, the wedding dress may be too long or short.

What Should Be The Bride's Shoes?

A wedding is the beginning of a marriage life decorating a woman's dreams and it is the most special day. What makes this special wedding day even more special is undoubtedly the accessories that go with the wedding dress. At the moment, the choice of shoes, as well as the choice of wedding dress is also very important for the bride. The combination of shoes with the bride's wedding dress has a feature that combines elegance. While the models of wedding shoes of past years are usually simple, now the models of shoes, as well as the models of wedding dresses, are also diverse.

Colourful shoes, lace models, models with high heels, low heels, ballet flats and luxurious, stud, athletic shoes, any model of your choice... dozens of kinds of wedding shoes are available for the wedding to complement the comfort, beauty and convenience of the bride. As well as shoes with heels and ballet flats or wedding shoes are increasingly in demand in recent years.

The biggest problem of brides is the problem with shoes on the most important day. Thus, Shoe comfort is the most important point in this regard. Therefore, you should know that the choice of shoes is one of the most important moments for a wedding.

Briefly about the choice of wedding shoes.

– In addition to the classic models of wedding shoes, in recent years are very popular among wedding shoes, colourful shoes under white wedding dresses. This type of shoes is an ideal option for brides who want to get away from the classic image, as it is cute and direct.

– In addition, sports shoes, which provides a pleasant appearance, adds comfort, is one of the preferred wedding shoes.Wedding Planner in Antalya

– In addition to personal tastes, seasons are also important in choosing wedding shoes. The choice of shoes for winter weddings is a little less. More closed, more flat shoes –for winter weddings, for summer weddings - you can find more diverse shoes in the shop windows.

–When choosing wedding shoes, you must first determine the place where the wedding will be made. For country weddings and weddings in a rustic style, high-heeled shoes are not suitable. For a country, a wedding should be the preferred sneakers or ballet flats. For weddings by the pool should be selected models that will not slide.

– If the wedding dress is very extravagant, it is preferable to simpler models of shoes. Thus, a stylish look is ensured.

– Another important point is the choice of shoes with heels along the length of the skirt of the wedding dress. Therefore, the choice of shoes with a fitting wedding dress should go in parallel.

As a result, the choice of shoes is as important as the choice of wedding dress. It should be noted that the shoes are an addition to the wedding dress, as at any moment of life.