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How To Make An Amazing Wedding With A Low Budget?

You have met your soul mate and you are planning to have a dream wedding. However, you budget is limited, expenses are a lot... Are you going to give up easily and going to marry in an ordinary place? Are you going to say “YES” in an ordinary wedding? Well, how the dream wedding will be? Nevertheless, it is also possible to arrange a fun wedding that everyone entertains and remember it for whole life with a low budget! You do not have to delay your dream wedding just because your budget is low! There are some points that couples to be marry should consider before holding their weddings.

  • Be careful with the number of invitee: Generally, wedding venues make calculations according tothe number of guests. Therefore, you should not forget to review the number of invitees.
  • Remove the people who are not close: You can ask you family and friends to eliminate their invitees who are not so close to them. Therefore, you can reduce the number of your guests and help your budget.
  • Choose buffet or cocktail prolonge for meal: You need to think twice that everything in the wedding ceremony is really necessary for you. Arranging just a small cocktail instead of a dinner can also be a good idea. Thus, you can make adjustment of your budget.
  • You can marry in the weekdays: One other thing you can do is that you can choose to marry in weekdays instead of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, you can benefit from availabilities of wedding venues. Don’t worry, people who love you will come in the weekdays as well.

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  • Get in touch with a Wedding Planner: Although organizing your wedding with a wedding planner may sound expensive, the benefits you will get and the experiences they will give you are priceless. When the summer is at the door, it means wedding season is opened. Eveyone starts to have a sweet rush and start to worry and say “how am I going to arrange a wedding?” Wedding, a new start in your life, economic difficulties may cause some problems in between couples. Everyone has wish for a never-forgotten wedding in their mind. But, you can reach this dream with the help of your level of budget. You should try to find an answer for the question of “how can I make a wedding budget?” The cliché sayings of our parents “save your money since you start to earn your own money” are actually correct in some ways. If you want o make your dream wedding come true, you should start saving. If you buy the necessities for your home before your wedding time, it will be easy for you to make your wedding budget.
  • Keep Calm And Plan Your Wedding: There are thousands of things to consider before starting planning your wedding, and this process can be a little bit stressful. Here is a helpful guideline. It may not be that easy to prepare a perfect wedding. Couples who get excited after engagement ceremony may not enjoy the process of wedding when they worry about the date of the wedding and invitees etc. What kind of decoration you will have or arranging you own cultural traditions can be a little bit hard to manage. That’s why brides and grooms get stressful in their most important day of life. Now, take a deep breath and keep calm. We have written everything to consider before your wedding day.

Here are some important steps before marriage...

9-12 months before marriage

  • Get Organized: You should have already an idea about what kind of wedding you would like to have in this period. Get yourself a file and start writing your thoughts.
  • Decide Your Budget: Decide how much money you can allocate for meal, traditional ceremonies, civil marriage in your dream wedding.
  • Decide The Place And The Date: Choose where you want to marry and in which dates. If you want to marry in summer, you may need to increase the level of your budget. You also need to book your days in very advance since especially Antalya is highly recommended for weddings in summer and spring seasons. This can be the hardest decision you will make.
  • Think About Civil Marriage: If you wish civil marriage, make sure you have prepared the requested document for civil marriage. Civil marriage officers will be ready if you plan with a wedding planner at the place and the time you wish.

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  • Take A Deep Breath: This step may seem unnecessary but this is the most important step of this procedure. Due to the fact that relaxing and keeping yourself and your partner calm is so crucial for you to have some fun in your wedding.

8 months before marriage

  • Decide Your Wedding Dress And Groom’s Suit: Are you going to rent them or purchase them? Is it really worthy to purchase just for one night? Are you going to have it tailor-made or purchase it from a store? To be honest, it is a hard decision. Better to start looking for your suit 8 months in advance, thus you will have some time to think about.
  • Create your invitee list: Colleagues, school friends, far relatives, neighbours etc. This list may not end but you need to make it shorter. If you make arrange your guest list in this period, you can make your payment to the wedding hotels as well and slowly start to publish invitations.
  • Book Your Tickets: Book your flight tickets 8 months in advance so that you will not be affected by the price change.

6-7 months before marriage

  • Book Your Honeymoon: Decide what kind of honeymoon you would like to have. You may need to think about it and do some research about it. This process can also be a little challenging to decide but, it will be worthy at the end.

6 months before marriage

  • Get 1 High Heels Shoes and 1 Sport Shoes To Match With Your Wedding Dress:It is ideal to buy your shoes when you buy your wedding dress and groom’s suit, yet, you may have some hard time to find a comfortable shoes that you can dance whole night.

4 months before marriage

  • Take dance classes: We are sure that you can make an amazing dance show in a practice of 4 months. Instead of an ordinary boring dance, you can make an extra-ordinary dance show for your special guests.
  • How Are You Going To Say Yes: It may be little excited when it comes to say “yes” at the wedding ceremony in from of your guests. You may need to practice they way you will say.

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  • Check Your Guests: Your friend who was going to come with his boyfriend may break up with him. Or, a solo guest may want to come with his or her new friends. You may need to call them once again to check the number of your wedding guests.
  • Make A Rehearsal Of Your Wedding Dress: Are you ready to see the result of your diet? Wear your wedding dress and check if it is good on you.
  • Discuss Every Single Detail With You Partner: It is normal to have some arguments during this stressful process. If you both try to be more patient, it will be better for your relationship.

Wedding Week

Get Married!: Now the time has arrived! This is the time to have some fun. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.