Cruises to Interesting Countries for Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon Cruises

Turn the first days of your spousal life into unforgettable time with Honeymoon cruises. What about to begin from exciting sea trips?

If you are one of those who do not like to relax in one place, so you will definitely enjoy this type of vacation. If like travels and trips, if you fond of original vacation, go ahead and get ready for honeymoon adventures. You will like sea cruises on strong and huge ships.

Sea cruises will make your honeymoon a holiday that will be a unique experience for you. You and your partner can choose your route according to your wishes. If you want to accumulate memories that you will tell for many years, thanks to cruises around the world, you can immediately start learning about cruises!

You have finished preparing for the wedding, which took an intensive preparation process with your partner. Now you want to get rid of all your fatigue. Honeymoon cruises offer the opportunity you are looking for and need at this moment. You can choose special cruises for newlyweds according to the places that interest you, or you can also choose cruises according to the ships that attract you.

Prices for Honeymoon Cruises

Wedding on a yacht in Antalya

Prices for honeymoon cruises vary depending on the itinerary, number of days, and type of ship. If you want more information about the tour schedule, you can view the honeymoon tour page based on the ship you like or the places you want to go. A detailed itinerary, schedule and map of the cruise ship for the honeymoon can be found on the pages of travel companies. Another element that affects honeymoon cruises is the structure and characteristics of the cabin. Prices for the inner cabin and outer cabin can be more affordable at 100-150 euros than suites and suites with balconies. These features, which vary from ship to ship, also vary depending on the volume of the tour and the package content you choose.

On this page, you can learn more about the vessels, cabin specifications, and services specific to the selected tour. You can take advantage of all-inclusive content, as well as special services and entertainment through exclusive experience packages for the ship tour. Packages for the honeymoon include various services specially prepared for the requirements and wishes of couples. For example, Wellness packages with Spa services are designed for couples who want to relax and find peace after their wedding, while couples who want to enjoy the fun to the fullest may be interested in packages where entertainment and activities are included in the price.

Programs and Packages for your Honeymoon

Honeymoon tour programs vary depending on the number of days, but also vary depending on the route of your tour. You can choose short-term cruises with your partner, such as 3 nights 4 days, 4 nights 5 days. Accordingly, your ship tour schedule may be limited to 2 or 3 ports. However, land tours at ports that also take place as additional services in these tours may be offered as services included in the package. With weekly cruises from 6 nights, you have the opportunity to travel to more places. On different routes, such as the Norwegian fjords and the Baltic countries, weekly tours are again allocated. In the programs of long cruise ships from 10 to 15 nights, you can travel to several countries according to the route of the tour, get acquainted with different cities. You can also choose travel packages that offer you almost a world tour or allow you to fully explore a particular region.

What is Included in All-Inclusive Honeymoon Packages?

  • Full Board accommodation
  • Free use of restaurants and entertainment facilities
  • Unlimited beverage packages,
  • Port trips and land tours,
  • Animation and events organized on Board,
  • Airport and port taxes,
  • Delivery of food and drinks in the room,
  • English-speaking guides

These services are offered in all-inclusive packages in many foreign packages. But it may not cover all of the above, given that each ship tour has its own special conditions. You can get more information or call our free consultation line to get detailed information about your chosen tour.

Cruise Ship Routes for Your Honeymoon

Cruise ship routes for the honeymoon can be formed along the coasts of all countries, with access to the sea. On ship cruises, which can vary depending on the number of days and characteristics of the ship, you only have to decide what you want to visit. You can happily explore options to decide on your first trip with your partner, with whom you are entering a new life, while honeymoon tours delight couples with the amenities they offer, promising you a magical time. All you have to do is determine your travel route in this first adventure where you will be alone with your loved one!

For your honeymoon itinerary, you can explore the warm Mediterranean countries or visit the countries of the Mediterranean coast such as Turkey, Greece, Italy. If you are a couple who are interested in history, you can perpetuate your honeymoon with European tours where you can explore the historical past of European cities. For young couples who are in love with the mystery of exotic Asia, there are cruises in the Far East and Asia. If you are dreaming of a honeymoon, enjoying the unusual and intertwined with nature peaceful views to the North, you can visit the Norwegian fjords or cruise tours of the Baltic capitals. Let's look at cruise ship routes in General!

Cruises along Greece and the Aegean Islands.

Honeymoon cruises often visit the Islands of Greece, famous for their nature and sea, such as Mykonos, Crete, Samos, Rhodes.

Honeymoon in the Mediterranean on a ship

Who will like it?

  • History enthusiasts who prefer tours to Rhodes and Crete,
  • Those who want not only to see the city, but also to get acquainted with the local cuisine,
  • Those who love the warm weather of the Aegean sea,
  • Those who prefer short-term cruises,

Conquer Europe With Cruises!

Are you ready to explore the centuries-old cities of Europe on your honeymoon with European cruises? European honeymoon cruises can travel on different routes through Eastern Europe and Western Europe. For example, you can choose tours that visit the coasts of the Netherlands-Belgium and the Nordic countries, as well as cruise ship packages that travel along the coasts of France and Italy. Or you can find the opportunity to visit all the cities of the region with routes such as cruises on British ships, cruises along the Dalmatian coast.

Cruise Tour Of The British Honeymoon

British honeymoon cruises offer couples the opportunity to travel around the "Foggy Albion" in the most diverse and convenient way. If you want to touch the centuries-old Royal heritage of Britain, get acquainted with its culture and history, then you are in the right place. You can take tours of cities that have gained fame in world history, such as England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For more information about dates and itineraries for honeymoon cruises visiting the British coast, you can call the advice line.

Who will like it?

  • Those who are interested in Britain and the British Kingdom
  • Those who watch TV series and movies such as the “Tudors” And the “Crown” are in love with British TV series
  • Those who know the song " You Will never walk alone” by heart and want to visit the streets of Liverpool with a loved one,
  • Those who want to try out Ireland's unique drinks, having unique cooking recipes
  • Those who want to hear the history of Scotland, as well as their music

Tour Along The European Coast

The European coast tour offers great opportunities for couples who want to touch the history and culture of European cities. You can also choose the Western European coast, such as the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, from Amsterdam to Porto. Or you can explore tours of the Baltic capitals or fjords dedicated to couples who are interested in Northern Europe.

Who will like it?

  • Those who want to know the history of cities,
  • Those who want to observe all the architectural changes in history,
  • Those who are looking for answers to the question why we did not join the European Union,
  • Those who want to travel to all European countries with the comfort of a cruise ship,
  • Those who do not like road transport, such as car, train

Honeymoon Cruise Tour of Italy and the Mediterranean Coast

You can spend your honeymoon in the warm atmosphere of the Mediterranean sea with a ship cruise along the Mediterranean coast. You can travel along the coasts of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, including Turkey, Marseille, Florence, Rome, Sicily, Malta, Valencia, and Barcelona.

Who will like it?

  • Those who want to see cities created by philosophers and artists,
  • Those who love the Mediterranean weather and the peoples who inhabit this region
  • Those who dream of traveling to all these cities in one car without moving from there to there,
  • Those who want to visit and see the oldest cities in Europe
  • Those who are interested in the answer to the question " does Antalya look like Marseille or not?"
  • Those who want to try Italian and Turkish cuisine from world-famous chefs,

Explore Different Routes With Honeymoon Ships!

Wedding tours by sea in Antalya

Honeymoon tour of the Baltic and Norwegian fjords

For those who want to see the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe and the Norwegian fjords, find peace among the magnificent nature and experience a completely different culture, this tour is an amazing opportunity! Honeymoon tours offer unique opportunities for couples who want to spend their honeymoon on a cruise ship in the Norwegian fjords, pursuing different routes.

Who will like it?

  • Those who are interested in the Nordic countries,
  • Those who want to enjoy the legendary beauty of the Northern lights,
  • Those who watch the series "Vikings" and want to see these places with their own eyes,
  • Those who want to experience the expression: "it's very cold there, but you're not freezing”,
  • Those who want to see natural wonders such as the Norwegian fjords,
  • Those who know Norse mythology and Norse ancestry by heart
  • Honeymoon tour of Australia and New Zealand

Couples who prefer cruises around Australia and New Zealand will experience many adventures in exotic lands! You will be surprised by the natural wealth of this region. If you want to feel the pleasure of exotic fauna and flora, get acquainted with the "other" nature, then you are here!

Who will like it?

  • Those who want to see Paradise on earth,
  • Those who are interested in indigenous tribes,
  • Those who ask what the Koala "Caramello" is and what it tastes like,
  • Those who want to learn how to dance kiwi Haka,
  • Those who want to explore the magnificent architecture and nightlife of Sydney,
  • Naturalists and nature lovers,
  • Those who are waiting to meet animals such as kangaroos, Emus, Kea, yellow penguin and kiwi bird,
  • Those who always confuse Australia and Austria,

Cruise Ship Services for Your Honeymoon

Couples who prefer a cruise on a ship during their honeymoon can take advantage of tried-and-tested packages, as well as take advantage of All-inclusive options. You can find out a lot of information on your own tours page, such as which areas on the ships are available, which package covers, and all-inclusive content on your chosen tour. You can also view on the tour page what you need to do with your passport and visa required for tours.

Cruises for newlyweds in the Mediterranean

Places Of General Use On Ships

Common areas, such as restaurants, bars on cruises, where you can spend a full vacation most of your time, with recreation and entertainment areas where you can spend your day comfortably. You can enjoy unlimited access to these 24-hour services with all-inclusive packages. Common areas of use on ships are usually as follows. But it is useful to keep in mind that each ship has different areas, special areas, or places for the firm. Don't forget to view the corresponding page to find out about the specific areas of use of the ship for the selected tour.

  • restaurants
  • bars
  • cafe
  • game hall
  • libraries
  • spas and massage centers
  • pools
  • theatre
  • movie halls
  • basketball and volleyball playgrounds
  • casino

The Content Of The Service "All Inclusive" In Cruise Vacations

Ship tour in the all-inclusive service content, almost all tours offer the following services and products. But of course, don't forget to view the tour page of your choice for these services, which differ from tour to tour.

  • full Board accommodation
  • port taxes
  • all entertainment and activities on Board
  • delivery of food and drinks in the room
  • treats

Foreign Cruises. Visa-Passport Operations

In most foreign cruises, it is not possible to travel without a visa. Visas that offer entry to several countries, such as the Schengen visa, are preferred. However, for some tours, a visa may be available on arrival, only as part of the tour. They may be included in the tour price, and may also be included outside of the all-inclusive package service content. For your honeymoon, you can take advantage of the sightseeing tour that you prefer. Your passport must have a minimum of 6 months before it expires. In this regard, it will be beneficial for You to start your transactions as soon as possible. Travel insurance is also one of the other issues that you should definitely consult before the tour.

Are You ready for the most Beautiful Honeymoon Holiday?