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Wedding Cards

When the wedding date is determined, the wedding venue is found and the guest list is ready, it's time for the wedding invitation. About three to six months before the wedding, this should be arranged.

This means starting with the layout drafts no later than five months before the wedding - because the text must be considered for the invitation, a layout created, printed and sent to the wedding guests.You should also request a sample card to review the material and design of the invitation cards. Wedding City Antalya, which is a wedding organization company in Antalya, Turkey write all tips and tricks and summarized everything for you.

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In wedding invitation we not only see the wedding venue and time, but also the clues about how the wedding will be. Is invitation in your hands reminiscent of a summer wedding which is more comfortable to wear colorful clothes, or is it a hotel wedding in dark colors and formal, which means that we need to be more attentive? Wedding City Antalya will give you the tips to tell your guests about your wedding and to reflect your wedding theme to your invitee with your invitation card.You want to surprise your family and friends with a special and creative wedding invitation. You do not just want to send a card. With these ideas, your wedding will be a unique wedding with your wedding invitation. Although some of the invitations require some time and talent for crafting, you and your guests will definitely be pleased about the result! Let yourself be inspired on the following pages by our great invitation ideas!

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Specify Your Colors

Whether you choose flowers or butterflies for your wedding or whether choose a theme inspired by your favorite film or the music notes to express your feeling; you will be expected to choose 3 main colors for your wedding decoration while determining your theme. If you use these 3 colors in your wedding invitation the first stage will be completed. For example, if you have a ceremonial plan in fall, you should use the theme of earthy tones and you will be choosing the invitations appropriate for autumn weddings.

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Wedding Invitation Cards

Once you have decided on your wedding theme, you may want to do some research before applying your first idea that occur your mind. Because the first idea which occur your mind is probably the first idea that occur many people’s mind and you should think twice if you want your wedding invitation to be unique. You can find much more original ideas by doing some research on the internet. You should also visit our web site for some decoration and color ideas.

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Wedding Invitations for Antalya

Yes, all the people thinks a paper which wedding information are written on when they think about wedding invitation, but the invitation does not always have to be paper. You can be different from everyone and release your imagination. An invitation made from a record, from a beach slipper or an invitation made by a wheel of fortune will create a smile on everyone's face. You can design your wedding invitation card according to your wedding theme; you can also make it from different materials to complete your wedding theme.

You can have a very simple invitation and have already ordered. But do not be afraid it is not too late for anything. If you are going to use some accessories in your wedding decor (for example, if you have a wedding decor for marine stars), you can still make invitations compatible with your wedding theme by making small additions to your invitation.

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Wedding City Antalya Wedding Invitation Ideas

It is very important that you make the right choice to reflect how your wedding will be with your wedding invitation card. If you are going to make a more formal wedding that needs to be dressed elegantly, your wedding invitation should be in dark colors. But if you are planning a cheerful, cozy country wedding, you must design your wedding card with vibrant colors and cheerful designs. Do not forget to add to your invitation important details such as for how many people your wedding invitation is.
What kind of invitation did you have in mind with these ideas? Now you can start looking for special invitation ideas to easily have the invitation you want!

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Wedding Invitation Style

In fact, wedding invitation ideas are like a deep ocean. In order not to overwhelm this complexity and to make your research a little easier, we have limited it to 4 styles, which are classical style, invitation with photos, DVD and e-invitation. If you're ready, let's start!

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Classical Wedding Invitations

The classical wedding invitation is a model that many invitees can easily understand and many couples prefer. But even if we call it classical, there are plenty of options when it comes to design, model, accessory printing techniques. The range of products varies depending on the paper type, fabric, recycled paper and printed paper while stones, lace and other accessories are included. Remember that all these factors are factors that determine the price in the invitation selection and will be reflected in your budget!

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Wedding Invitations with photos

At the point where the narcissist side of you shows itself, your wedding invitation with yours and your partner’s pictures should be your first choice. What you need to do is very simple: you agree with a photographer or a friend whom you trust to get help from and get a picture right away. If possible, we advise you to wear a dress reminiscent of your wedding dress. After that you should simply go to the invitation company and negotiate. The only difficulty in this invitation style will be the quality of the photo on your invitation.

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DVD and E-Invitation Styles

If you ask about the e-invitation format or the invitation style in the form of DVD it is the most sensible option to do in these years since we are in the age of technology. After you choose your wedding invitation card, call us for your destination wedding in Antalya, Turkey. We will organize your wedding with the best ideas.

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