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Flowers illuminate our lives with their beauty and smell. But the power of the flowers is more than just the attractiveness of the flowers on the surface. There are values that every flower represents.

In addition, flowers are undoubtedly indispensable gifts of special occasions. Important days of our lives, birthdays, valentine’s days, wedding days and graduation days are the most meaningful days that deserve flowers. The meaning of flowers is much deeper than we thought. It is up to you to make your gift more meaningful by choosing flowers by their meanings! Let's look at the meaning of flowers and colors.

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Everyone knows that roses are the symbol of love, enthusiasm and beauty. So roses are indispensable for Valentine’s Day.
Red Rose: It is undoubtedly the representative of love, and it symbolizes deep emotions for somebody. It is the most romantic and beautiful smelling flower on earth.
White Rose: It represents a new and clean beginning. In addition white rose symbolizes sympathy, honesty and modesty.
Yellow Rose: It symbolizes vividness, joy and warmth. In terms of love, it is a representative of a platonic love.

Pink Rose: Gentle feelings, purity, sweetness.
Lavender Rose: Because of its color, it represents love at first sight. As an alternative to the red roses it is an excellent choice.
Blue Rose: Because it is not exist in nature naturally, it symbolizes inaccessibility and mystery. Generally, the message is: "Even if I can not reach you, you are always on my mind"
Black Rose: Unlike other flowers, there is also a black color of roses. Of course, finding these flowers is difficult and the prices are high. It is the symbol of death and disappearance of hope. It represents the end of love, and no hope of it. It means a painful, sad farewell to a loved one.

It is a good way to express your feelings with a rose bouquet.

Flower names


We may say that tulips are the most special flowers for Turkish people as Netherlands, the country famous with its tulips recognize tulips during Kanuni Sultan Suleyman from Ottoman Empire. He send tulips to Dutch King as a gift. The tulip flower gives people a feeling of comfort, tolerance and warmth. It is also called as prideful flowers. It will be a good choice for anniversaries, for wishing good luck to a friend or family member.

Yellow Tulip: It is the symbol of desperate love. Giving a yellow tulip for someone means that you love that person even if he or she does not love you back.
Red Tulip: It symbolizes passion and perfect love. In short, sending these flowers to a family member or friends will be a wrong move.
Purple Tulip: It represents wealth and well being.

Pink Tulip: It means love. It is a suitable choice for friends and family.



When someone says daisy the first thing that comes to mind is ‘’loves me loves me not.’’ Daisy is the first witness of every platonic love. These beautiful flowers, which we expect hope from the leaves, express innocence and new beginnings. It will also be a nice gift for new mothers to represent new beginnings.

Flower types

Gerbera (Transvaal Daisy)

Gerbera, which looks like daisy, is from South Africa. It has a bright and colorful form. It is a long lasting flower. Transvaal Daisies are symbols of purity, innocence and beauty. It will be an excellent gift for someone who makes a big difference in their life.

Red Garbera: It means warmth and friendship.
White Garbera: Means purity or innocence.
Pink Garbera: It will be a very nice gift for a new baby.
Yellow Garbera: It is the symbol of joy.
Orange Garbera: There is a meaning of meticulousness and realism.

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It is surely beyond doubt that lily is the most delicate and feminine flower. It will be a good choice for the ones who likes scented flowers.

Peru Lily: Also known as friendship flower. It will be a good choice to wish fortune and luck.
Narcissus Lily: The symbol of unusual beauty.
Calla Lily: It is the representative of purity, innocence and youthfulness. It is also called bridal flower.
White Lilies: The most preferred color of lilies is white, and it is often used in bridal flower.
Yellow Lilies: It shows that you find opponent side gentle.
Pink Lilies: It means to give courage for a hard struggle
Orange Lily: It represents ambition.



Orchids are difficult to grow because of the need for filtered light and high relative humidity. Its reputation comes from this situation. It is grown in Singapore, Thailand and China and in Turkey, Adana, Antalya, Bursa, Yalova. It represents luxury; it also represents the power of women and exotic beauty.

Red Orchid: Red orchid symbolizes passion and desire, symbolizes power and courage at the same time.
Pink Orchid: Symbolizes elegance, joy and happiness
White Orchid: Represents respect and humility, innocence and purity, elegance and beauty.
Purple Orchid: Represents admiration, respect, dignity and success.
Yellow Orchid: Represents friendship, joy and new beginnings.
Green Orchid: It is thought to bring good fortune. It also represents health and long life.

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Gardenia is more difficult to cultivate than other flowers because of its high moisture requirement. It requires time and attention. Gardenia is a symbol of secret love. It is a perfect gift for the romantics who loves challenge.

Flower meanings


Carnation flowers have different meanings according to their color.

Red Carnation: In deaths, in memories and massacres it is a statement of deeply sharing the pain. Describes the love and longing for the deceased person.
Yellow Carnation: When you give yellow carnation to someone, it means you want to tell about your disappointment.
White Carnation: It is the best choice when your friends are having birthday or when you need to apologize to them.
Pink Carnation: It is the symbol of inner love, which means "I will not forget you."

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Lilacs are the symbol of love. In addition, lilac flowers also reflect the trust of the person who gives the flower to someone. So, it will be a good choice for graduations.

Purple Lilac Flower: It refers to first love.
Pink Lilac Flower: It is associated with love and strong friendships.
Blue Lilac Flower: It means happiness and peace.
White Lilac Flower: Represents innocence.

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Iris means ‘rainbow’ in ancient Greek. Old Greeks planted iris flowers in the graves of women and they thought that they would convince the goddess Iris to take her love to the jenny. It would be suitable for funeral and festivals.

Blue Iris Flower: Symbol of hope and faith.
White Iris Flower: It brings purity and innocence.
Purple Iris Flower: Represents wisdom, respect and praise.

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For hundreds of years, lavender is famous with physical beauty, soothing scent and healing. In addition to these, lavender flowers represent admiration and elegance. White lavender means the fulfillment and protection of a wish. Purple lavender is the symbol of high goals.

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It is a good choice for weddings and other unifying ceremonies. Wedding city Antalya company has all the knowledge and experience on flower decorations including hydrangea.


The meaning of the violet varies depending on the person who sent the flower and the color of it.
Blue Violet: It symbolizes love and loyalty.
Yellow Violet: symbolizes high value and goodness.

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