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We have long correspondence with Couples for their future Weddings that will come to Antalya from all over the world.

We provide you all need information via email of phone, But again, some small details can be forgotten, so we share with you all the information needed for weddings in blog on our website.

Romantic weddings in Antalya

Importance Of Love And Respect In Marriage

Importance of Trust in Marriage

Everyone knows about so-called “cradle engagement.” The decision of the families to marry a boy and a girl in future. Today, although rare, the beginning of those traditions based on fear of parents’ will.

Important Information For Successful Marriages

Being a Life Partner

Marriages are primarily an attempt to establish a family.Being a family happens first like becoming a spouse and then having a child.

Traditional weddings

History of Marriage

Marriage is a situation which for some people can give their life and some people don’t even want to hear.

Wedding Is One Of The Most İmportant Day İn People’s Life

Importance of Marriage

Why people do not give up on marriage even with the risk of divorcement. What is so attractive about marriage?

Advices On Partner Choosing

Is Marriage really Necessary

Nobody is Robinson Crusoe. Even he was so happy when he found a friend. Marriage has been blessed, cared and seen as a must because it covers all the basic needs such as having a shelter, to be fed and to reproduce.

A Happy Marriage Life

Noteworthy things while choosing partner for a happy marriage

Choosing a partner may be the most important thing in people’s life.