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We have long correspondence with Couples for their future Weddings that will come to Antalya from all over the world.

We provide you all need information via email of phone, But again, some small details can be forgotten, so we share with you all the information needed for weddings in blog on our website.

Romantic weddings in Antalya

Marriage Ceremony in Saint Nicolaus Church

Church Weddings

‘International Saint Nicolaus Wedding Festival’ will be held on 19 December in Demre Region of Antalya. This festival will be organized by Wedding City Antalya and Sunrise Tour at Santa Claus Church.

Civil Marriage At Beach - Hotel Wedding In Turkey Antalya


We know you are extremely nervous and excited. You are going to say yes to the love of your life and start your married life which will last a life time.

Marriage Informations According To Signs

Virgo zodiac
Love and Marriage

Virgo zodiac people catch the attention with cheerful and modest attitude. They trust theselves with sensually.

International St. Nicholas Wedding Festival In Antalya Demre

International St. Nicholas Wedding Festival In Antalya Demre

Collective Marriage Ceremony News in Saint Nicholas Church in Demre

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Marriage Tourism is favourite of Indian Bazaar

Indian Agency News related with Marriage Tourism
After 3 years R&D in Indian bazaar , Antalya have a voice in this bazaar residual. International Wedding Operator ,

Civil Marriage At Hotel Beach Wedding At Sea Viewed Terrace

Marriage Psychology

What is marriage psychology?
If you understand the real reasons of the mood swings between happiness and anxiety, you will handle with them easier.