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Experienced people know, wedding organization is really very troublesome. All the effort is to have a childhood dream or a memorable few days. The wedding rush starts with the choice of wedding

dress and groom’s suit and ends with an exhausting wedding venue activity. It's actually kind of tiring; but at one point we are all used to these kinds of events, everything is already happening in 3 days. When you look at the photos of the wedding, you realize that the moment turns into a sweet memory. So what if these rush leads 40 days and 40 nights as fairytales?

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The palace life, which has been lost in many countries due to the change of the old style, still continues its existence in some countries. There is not much they lost from what we know from fairytales. Just like a wedding ceremony we dream of and we dreamt of as a child. After all, the person who gets married is a prince or a princess and heir to the throne in the family. Can you think of the fuss that would happen in such a wedding? The guests includes heads of state, duchesses, lords and more ... The size of the cake, the fabric used in the wedding dress, the determination of the wedding venue, the close attention to the invitees must be almost complete and incredible. One mistake is unacceptable, because it's a royal wedding. Today we will talk about royal families, their jewels, and these wedding ceremonies, which will cost you millions of dollars and if you want a wedding like a luxury royal wedding, you can call us or visit our web page. Wedding City Antalya Team is here to organize your dream wedding. We are experienced on civil marriage, traditional weddings and British weddings.

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Royal Jewels

Jewels, jewelries and precious stones are the pleasure of all women, even some women's hobby and passion. The situation of the royal women is the same as every woman. They maybe not have the glass shoes as fairy tales but they prefer jewels in their daily lives, and they have the pride of carrying the special jewels for special occasions and special ceremonies in which they represent their dynasties and traditions.

Royal jewels are priceless and legendary collections. Royal jewels are carefully kept in treasury apartments. Royal jewels from Britain, Holland, Denmark and Sweden are highly acclaimed, magnificent and elegant. Norwegian and Belgian royal jewels are simpler and more modest. In the photographs of the royal history, the jewels which are worn are unforgettable. Coronation jewels, royal wedding jewels, baptism ceremony jewels are of particularly important with the power of the dynasty and the spiritual values ​​they represent.

royal jewelry of the world

The crowns and jewels in the royal coronation are in a glorious, ethnic style and represent the monarchy. At the coronation ceremony royal crown represents hegemony and royal wand represents power. The royal orb represents the universe. The spiritual value of the royal engagement and wedding rings is very important. The details of the engagement ring at the engagement ceremony are shared with the public at the press conference. Royal wedding rings are made using countries' own mines and are usually fairly simple models.

The Elephants and Dannebrog objects which Denmark Royal families wear on special days is traditional for centuries. Danish royal jewels are preserved in Copenhagen's Rosenborg Palace. Swedish Royal jewels were kept in the Swedish Central Bank until 1970, after the 1970's these jewels have been preserved in the Stockholm Royal Palace Treasury.

royal jewels of the world

The jewelry of the Queen of England Elizabeth II is considered one of the most important collections in the world. The designs of the queen's jewels are quite specific. The crowns, sets, pearls and brooches of Queen Elizabeth are very pleasurable and always get full marks from critics. The clothes Queen Elizabeth usually chooses are in a single shade, and the pearls and brooches she completes her hats are followed with curiosity.

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The British Royal Jewelry Collection attracts millions of visitors every year in the Tower of London. Queen Elizabeth's exclusive jewels are Garrard brand’s designs. Garrard Brand introduced the Tudor Rose collection to special guests with a special invitation of the British Consulate in Istanbul in 2014. The Swedish Queen Silvia is always very pleasurable with her magnificent jewels. The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg Maria-Teresa is a royal woman who enjoys wearing glamorous accessories. The Queen of the Netherlands Maxima is a queen who likes to wear magnificent royal crowns and royal jewelries in harmony with her clothes. Even in the simplest daily life, she does not give up on her earring, bracelet, watch and brooch preferences. Queen Maxima's favorite brands in her jewelries are Cartier and Chanel.

Belgian Queen Mathilde prefers to wear simpler jewelry; The Spanish Queen Letizia does not like to use anything else then earrings and watch in her daily life, especially the daytime she never wears rings. She wears special royal jewels at night receptions. Queen Letizia 's daily jewelry preferences are in harmony with their outfits. Jordanian Queen Rania's selections are elegant and tasteful. The Monaco Princess Charlene wears the magnificent preferences on her daily jewelry selections with an incredible self-confidence.

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English Royal Wedding

On April 29, 2011, British Royal Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton were married in a magnificent wedding ceremony at the Westminster Abbey Church in England. This wedding probably leaves behind countless fabulous weddings in glory. We all know that everybody wants to see a wedding like we used to hear from the fairytales while we were kids. This wedding gave us what we wanted. When it comes to a list of high-profile guests, the best, top-quality, most eye-catching clothes are inevitable. The members of the royal families around the world and celebrities were eye-catching in this British royal wedding. Prince William kissed his wife Catherine in the Buckingham Palace, as expected, accompanied by applause from the public. Of course, the wedding is over, but the magnificent wedding will remain in the hearts of countless people.

When someone says royal wedding, firstly Prince William and Kate Middleton occurs in everyone’s mind. In 2011, the couple who have known each other for a long time, get married. The couple's wedding brought a lot of attention in the British press and in the world press. It is said that Prince William and his family spent just $ 80,000 for the cake, which will be served only to guests.

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Royal Wedding in UK

On July 29, 1981,the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was held. 600 thousand people filled the streets of London to see on their wedding day. The wedding was held at St Paul's Cathedral, which is further away from the palace, so that more people can be invited to the church, and more people can see the ceremony on the road. Approximately 3,500 people attended the ceremony in the church, with 750 million people watching the ceremony from screens.

Diana, along with her father Lord Spencer, went to church with a horse-drawn carriage. Her wedding dress was made of antique lace. More than 10 pearls were sewn on the wedding dress by hand. 27 cakes prepared for the ceremony. In short, the cost of this luxury wedding was around 30 million pounds.

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