Wedding Legal Requirements

Marriage Documents For CIEC Countries

Our company Wedding City Antalya has the knowledge to do the formal wedding of the couples all over the world. We have the knowledge and the experience about the necessary documents for an official wedding for couples all over the World.

Legal requirements for Wedding in Turkey

All formal Weddings made in Republic of Turkey are valid any where in the World. Formal Marriage Certificate in Turkey is a multilingual document and it is a acceptable document anywhere in the World. Official marriage certificates varies by country. Sample official document on our website is legal requirements for CIEC Countries

Marriage Documents For CIEC Countries

  • MULTILINGUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (FORM A) (from the relevant authorities in the country)
  • MULTILINGUAL CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT TO MARRIAGE (from the relevant authorities in the country) 6 Passaport-photos taken in the last 6 months 3,5X4.5
  • With the mail is to be sent, together with the documents to be produced, a photocopie of the bride’s, the groom’s and the 2 witnesses’ passports. (According to the Turkish law, the parents or the sisters and brothers are not allowed to be witnesses, it have to be two of the guests or if necessarry the employees of the company).

All writen informations on documents which taken from your country must be the same as the passport. Please send the above documents obtained from the relevant authorities of your country by e-mail to us so that we can submit them to the relevant authorities beforehand. You need to take with the original documents.


The couple will be taken to the Marriage Office in Antalya to apply personally for the civil marriage with filling out the document of “PERMISSION TO MARRY / DECLARATION OF MARRIAGE”, Health Report will taken. At the day of application our clerk will take the couple from the hotel with a car, assist them with all the paperwork and will bring the couple back to the hotel after all the paperwork is done. The registrar will be brought to the marriage venue.

Wedding In Turkey Legal Requirements
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Legal Requirements For Wedding In Turkey
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