Wedding Venues In Mediterranean

Beach wedding ceremony

Wedding in the Mediterranean with Wedding Ceremony on the beach acommpanied by magnificent sunset will fascinate the couples and wedding guests. You will always remember your wedding date like yesterday when you look at your wedding photographs over again and again.

Wedding in the Mediterranean

Above a footprint of the paradise, at the bay of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, framed by the remaining stone walls of the Ottoman period of Alanya, a wedding ceremony at a small cove with the sound of sea waves while sunset We will be glad to organise your wedding at this small paradise, which is the heart of the Mediterranean It is a privilege to get married in this small paradise! Wedding in the Mediterranean.

Wedding in the Mediterranean SeaBeach Wedding Ceremony On The Hillside At Sunset

  1. An Altar will be set up at the beach. It will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and flowers. A wedding table, standing beneath the Altar, will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and flowers. Ring pillow in decoration colour will be prepared. A bride walking trail with 4 artificial flower decoration on high metal stands are set up. A white carpet will be rolled out and red rose leafs will be spread on it.
  2. Champagne glasses with the written initials of the couple will be prepared
  3. One bottle of special wedding champagne for Bride and Groom
  4. During the wedding ceremony 2 white doves will be released by the couple as a symbol for luck
  5. Exclusive professional photographer takes 250 to 500 pictures in JPEG format during the marriage and wedding ceremony. (Original unrevised photos will be handed out on CD)
  6. Special designed Bridal bouquet with fresh flowers and groom’s collar flower
  7. Special marriage certificate will be given
  8. An English speaking member of our Team (wedding consultant) will escort the couple during the day
  9. Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue done by a professional staff

Wedding in the Mediterranean Sea

Wedding In The Mediterranean
Wedding In The Mediterranean Sea
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