Taj And Alexander Norway Wedding In Turkey Antalya

Dear Taj & Alexander reached us from our website. This couple warm people of cold country was the owner of a farm in Norway. We had 1 year correspondence with Dear Taj. She was forced to decide for wedding venue bu she was very right Because I offer many options!!! It was very hard to decide. There are so many wedding venue in Turkey.

Norway Wedding in Turkey

Norway Wedding in Turkey

Historical Kaleici Old City remaining from 17th century in Antalya impressed the Taj and Taj decided to have their dream wedding in Kaleici. So we have organised Taj & Alexander’s wedding in Kaleici Old City between the historical walls

Dear Taj & Alexander made a right decision. We took a Perfect wedding photographs reflect the yesterday and today at the historical place. Taj & Alexander’s guests was happy and cheerful group. We are very glad to host all of them here in paradise Antalya Turkey. After the wedding we met with Taj & Alexander and their guests fort he sightseeing program preepared before.

Norway Wedding in antalya

Norway Wedding in Turkey

We have prepared a special wedding ceremony table in the special cave of Aquarium. Taj & Alexander got dressed the special prepared Pirate. They came to symbolic ceremoyh with their special prepared pirate kostums. Also we gave bandana and leather pirate glasses to all guest to commemorate the day. They liked these bandanas and pirate glasses too!!!

Everyone have had fun on this beautiful day. It was a Perfect day!!! The wedding ceremony the fish are brought from all over the world everywhere in the big Aquarium and in the special historica cave was very excited and nice. To be honnest, Alexander with pirate costums was looking better then Jack Sparrow :)) Thanks to photo camera inventor :)) This is normal that you can’t believe me but please look at he pictures. We always say that norway wedding in Turkey-Antalya is something different and we are right :))

Norway Wedding in antalya


After the Aquarium we went to Dolphin show together. According to program bride Taj would swim with the dolphins. Taj was ready but dolphin were afraid because of wedding dress. They adapt soon and started to swim together.

Dolphin the world’s most intelligent and emotional animal understood soon that it is swimming with most beautiful bride of Norway. They took the tour several times in the pool with the bride. It was a magnificent sight Las station of our sightseeing was the Duden Waterfall. Everyone was very tired but they were also happy.

Norway Wedding in duden waterfall

Wedding Planner in Turkey
Norway Wedding in Turkey Antalya doesn’t fnish directly after the wedding.

Guests have had a fairytale wedding in Turkey Antalya. Also we perpetuate these moments with photographs. We took the last pictures at the Duden Waterfall accompanied by beautiful blue of the Mediterranean Sea, own special green Antalya and a sparkling sky.

Taj & Alexander’s wedding was like a really dream wedding. Also they were like a Prince & Princess : ))

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

Taj And Alexander Norway Wedding In Turkey
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Norway Wedding in Turkey
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