Svetlana & Valeriy Wedding In Turkey - Antalya

Sveylana & Valeriy from Kazakhstan liked very much Spice Hotel & Spa – Belek and it was a right choise.
Spice Hotel & Spa which has a beach such as silk is a famous about the wedding in Antalya.

kazakh traditional Wedding in Turkey

Wedding in Turkey
We have prepared a Perfect wedding ceremony on the beach for Svetlana & Valeriy’s
wedding in Turkey-Antalya.
We made a unforgettable wedding ceremony on the beach by taking aerial video shooting with small helicopter.
We took great wedding photos on the beach after the wedding ceremony in Turkey-Antalya on the Mediterranean coast.
We have prepared a yacht tour for Svetlana & Valeriy on the Perfect water of Mediterranean for entrance to wedding from the pier.

weddings in turkey
We have prepared an entrance with special light falls and fireworks on the pier.

Wedding in TurkeyWeddings in Turkey –Antalya is always sumptuous and Perfect wedding photos and wedding videos taken. Svetlana & Valeriy was suprised when passed through the light falls and fireworks on the pier. They enjoyed incredible.

Special Wedding Dinner Reception prepared on the ballroom of Spice Hotel & Spa for Svetlana & Valeriy’s wedding in Antalya.
blessing ceremony
Imported from Holland pink peony, white orchids and purple hydrangeas has created a very special ambience in the decoration in the ballroom of Hotel.

kazakh traditional Wedding in Turkeywedding in turkey
Special prepared Candy Bar in the foyer was the most special corner of the wedding. Candy Bar includes the Colorful candy, Turkish delight and chocolates prepared specially with Crystal candlestick and candle holders and colorful fresh flowers.

Wedding guests tookPicture of the Candy Bar instead of eating the candies. They didn’t want to spoil the visual.Also architecture of Spice Hotel & Spa made the wedding in Turkey unforgettable so our design and materials.All of our Wedding in Turkey at the Hotel was the unfotgettable.

kazakh traditional Wedding in Turkey

Svetlana & Valeriy’s wedding in Turkey was one of the unforgettable as well …

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

Svetlana And Valeriy Wedding In Turkey
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