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Antalya City Tour Plan
Antalya; a nice city. In the city center and near the city center there are all kinds of preferred places to visit.

Many places in the city center can be visited by walking. The city center is usually built around the Ataturk square and you can walk on this area, Kaleici district and Yacht harbor area. But, of course, it's a good idea to choose the hours after sunrise, not the warmest hours of the day. There is no problem going down to the Kaleiçi region in particular, but it is a little tiring due to the ramp up. However, a lift was made just behind the Atatürk monument. Those who want to get to the yacht harbor area can use this elevator. Panaromic glass elevator has been a good idea.

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What is important here is that how long will you stay and what are your preferences in the city. If you prefer to visit historical places, you can plan your trip accordingly. If your preference is natural beauty, of course you have to make a different plan accordingly. But if you prefer to shop, Antalya can offer you alternatives in this regard. Of course, there are possibilities for those who want to have fun too. So in our trip plan we will give you ideas that you can create a trip plan for your stay in Antalya and your preferences.

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Historical Kaleiçi Trip In Antalya

In the morning you can go to the Düden Waterfall. You must go by car, it is not possible to go by walking. According to the latest information we received, there was no water in Düden waterfall due to drought and water flow was made with an arrangement.

It is on the way to Antalya's highway through the direction to Alanya. You can stay there for about 2-3 hours. You can eat your lunch there in a restaurant and leave after lunch, and then you can park your car in the city center and walk Kaleiçi streets to get to the marina. In the evening you can make a small trip along the marina, by riding on one of the cruise boats, in the nearby bays. In turn, you can value your time at the yacht harbor again and finish the day. Do not forget to go out on a yacht cruise on the yacht harbor. The prices of yachts are between 25-30 TL nowadays.

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In the morning you can go to "Kurşunlu Waterfall" on Alanya road. You have to go there with car. The Kurşunlu waterfall is more beautiful than the Düden waterfall.

You can eat there at noon and after lunch you can leave and go to "Lara beach park" again by car. Here you have a swim in the Mediterranean sea and complete the day. There you can find umbrellas, deck chairs and even larger, wood and cushioned areas. You can rent these on a daily basis. But there is no activity here in the Lara beach area. The area is relatively quiet, peaceful and has no entertainment activities. But there is a very nice "Sand Sculptor" exhibit you can see there. You might be interested. The sea suddenly deepens. The beach is fine, pebbly-sand blend, but sand is more. The sea is very clean. I you prefer some entertainment; you should go to the Konyaalti Beach region. But if you think about a calm day, you can go to Lara Beach.

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Culture Travel In Antalya

In the city, you can make a nice trip by foot. Maybe you can try eating a haricot bean salad with garlic walnut and bread crumbs sauce in a restaurant at the Kaleiçi because Antalya is famous for its haricot bean salad, that is the regional flavor. Also; do not forget to take jam from the city center (especially fig jam). Atatürk Monument in the city center, Yivli minaret, Hadrian's Gate, Atatürk Park, Antalya Archeology Museum can be visited. Especially in the very center of the city, where the Atatürk monument is located, a beautiful square and traffic regulation have been made in recent years. Cars cannot enter there and besides, pools and beautiful water shows are built.

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The governorship building was moved to another place and there was a nice pool and a large covered parking lot was built instead. You can easily visit there.

As for Atatürk Park; This park, which stretch across Konyaaltı Caddesi, was organized in the 1980s. You can also walk here from the city center. You can sit in a green environment, in the shade of large trees, on benches or in cafes. Obviously, watching the sea view is another beautiful side of this area. Afterwards, you can watch the unique view of Antalya city, Konyaalti beaches and Taurus Mountains. The park has been redesigned in recent years and has a spectacular appearance with newly opened entertainment venues. There are different places where all kinds of music are played. There are places where you can sip coffee, tea or drink and restaurants where you can eat if you wish. You should pay vehicle entrance fee but inside the park both vehicle traffic and parking is a big problem especially on busy days. If you think about going there you should especially go in the evening.

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We continue with the same day. After lunch you can go to the "Migros" shopping center in the western part of the city. It is a big shopping center. You cannot go t here by walking, you must definitely go with public transportation or with a car. Shopping Center opened to service in 2001. It is nice in terms of increasing Antalya’s tourism potential as well as providing a huge and contemporary shopping center to the city. There you may find the stores of many brands. It is a modern shopping venue. The parking lot is sufficient for 1300 vehicles. There are three separate entrances, 8 cinema and fast food areas. While eating in these areas it is so beautiful to be able to see the views of the Mediterranean and the Beydağları Mountains from the south side. There is an amusement park right across the Migros. Especially at night, the lights are very attractive. If you interest, you can go. The amusement park is especially interesting for children. But, as far as the theme parks in Europe are concerned, it is not like the ones in Europe. The entertainment tools are not very enjoyable.

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In the meantime, for those who are thinking of shopping in Antalya, we can suggest "Deepo" shopping center on the left side of Alanya road. Recently, a shopping mall called "Antalya Mall" was built next to it and these two shopping malls were connected to each other and one big shopping mall was created. It is not possible to reach there by walking. You can reach this shopping mall with a vehicle.

In the meantime if you are curious to history, you can visit the museum: Do not forget that it is a beautiful "Archeology Museum" which you can go on foot while walking to the Konyaalti beach area in Antalya city center. Visit this beautiful museum while going to the region of Konyaaltı. It is right on the right side, close to the city center, air conditioned, and beautifully arranged, great museum.

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