Yelena & William Wedding In Turkey - Apollon Temple

We took Elena & William and ...
Yelena & William Wedding in Turkey– Apollon Temple.
Yelena & William came to Kemer/Antalya for their wedding from America one end of the continent in the world.
We have prepared Yelena & William’s wedding at the Apollon temple by taking the special permissions from the Culture and Tourism Ministry. We took Elena & William and their family to Apollon Temple by going from Antalya to Kemer with special decorated bridal limousine. It was joyful journey.

wedding in Turkeywedding in Turkey
Dear Elena & William was the FBI employees in America. They need to be cold blooded and unhurried because of their mission.

But just like every bride, Elena was very excited and hectic :)) She was very excited because she wanted to marry at the Apollon Temple very much and to achieve their dreams.
Our company Wedding City Antalya most important goal is as International Wedding Planner in Turkey to actualize the dream of each couple and them to live unforgettable moments.

Therefore our Company policy is to produce new projects. Commander Marcus Antonius has built the Apollon Temple for his love Cleopatra. Apollo Temple means the symbol of the great love to the Cleopatra.
We have also prepared for Elena & William special animation dresses which Commander Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra wore as well.

Dear Elana was very happy when saw the special prepared dresses. She did directly wear these dresses without hesitation. We took very special photographs. Their happiness made me very happs as well. I believe in that this surprise has very special place in their life.

wedding in Turkeywedding in turkey
These wedding organisations at the historical venues in Turkey need to take special permissons from the Goverment.
There are so many historical wedding venue in Turkey – Antalya to organise the dreams Weddings of couples who would like to have their wedding in Turkey-Antalya. Apollon Temple is one of the best wedding venue in Turkey-Antalya-Side.

We have prepared a Perfect wedding dinner reception at the luxury restaurant in Side. We shared the unforgettable day together…
We take Elena & William to the Hotel at the end of the night. Also we waited until much waving from the balcony.

wedding in Turkeywedding in turkey
I still remember this beautiful wedding and happy ending as a remember like yesterday.
We can honnestly understand from e-mail which Yelena sent us when they returned to United States that she is also have enjoyed the wedding like us.
We just got back to the United States last week, so we are just trying to adjust back to “real life”.
We wanted to THANK YOU for a very nice wedding. It was very special and will always be memorable. We pretty much had it all, the doves, the horses, the newspapers, TV, etc.
We loved Turkey. It was a beautiful country and hopefully one day we will be back.
Thank you again for everything.
Yelena ”

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager