Wedding in Mediterranean

Wedding in Mediterranean
Wedding in MediterraneanThere are so many wedding venues in Mediterranean for the wedding couples who would like to celebrate their wedding in Turkey-Antalya. Therefore they are rightly forced to choose the wedding venue in Mediterranean.
Sentido Gold Island Hotel fascinate the everyone with architecture. Sentido Gold Island Hotel is a indispensable wedding venue especially with colorful lights at the nights and with gorgeous beach. Surrounded by sea on three sides of Hotel adds more value to the Hotel.
Our Company Wedding City Antalya as an International Wedding Planner in Turkey explores the every interesting wedding venue for the couples who would like to celebrate their wedding in Turkey – Antalya as an original work to our Company.
Our Company always prepares the wedding packages with colorful pictures to provide more facilities to wedding guests f to surprise and excite. Also our goal is create a more memory from their wedding in Turkey. Wedding in Mediterranean
So our 0032-B Wedding package is prepared such as study result.
Wedding in MediterraneanThere are limitless wedding venue in Mediterranean – Antalya such as;
Wedding in Mediterranean (عروسی در مدیترانه)
Alanya Castle is one the best historical venue in Alanya – Turkey. Especially Alanya Castle / Red Tower fascinates the every visitor. Tourist coming from all over the World never leave from Alanya without visit Alanya Castle / Red Tower.
Thrown Stones from Alanya Castle never fall into the sea. Tested for many years but noone could claimed otherwise.
Symbolic Wedding Ceremony will be held on the Red Tower / Alanya Castle regarding to 0032-B wedding package. After touring the castle, image photographs will be taken at the Hotel. Wedding Ceremony will be held at the Hotel by preparing the special decoration.
We will provide to the wedding couples will live great moments at the both wedding venue which is at the Alanya Castle / Red Tower and at the themed Hotel. After the wedding we will provide to the couple ‘’ Wedding Story ‘’ wedding album.
Wedding in MediterraneanThemed interesting Weddings become the focus of attention for the couples who would like to have their wedding in Turkey – Antalya.
Alanya Castle / Kızıl Kule (Red Tower)
“Kızıl Kule” (Red Tower) is a historical symbol of Alanya. It was built in the 13th century by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. Each wall of the octagonal tower is 12,5 m wide, 13 m high and its diameter is about 29 m. A staircase with 85 steps let you reach the top of the tower.
Wouldn’t you like to say “YES” to your love at sunset in the “Kızıl Kule”, which still looks like hundreds years ago?

Wedding in Mediterranean
Wedding Ceremony at the Beach of Sentido Gold Island Hotel
Wedding in Mediterranean

  1. Bride & Groom with wedding dresses will be picked up from their hotel with a decorated car. (Mercedes Vito VIP)
  2. A symbolic Wedding Ceremony will be held in the red tower. (It is not made any decoration!)
  3. After the symbolic Wedding Ceremony, the historic site will be explored and Image Photos will be taken.

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Alanya / “Kızıl Kule” – ‘’ Red Tower’’

Wedding Dinner Reception at the Hotel

  1. According to the importance of the day, a special bridal table will be prepared. Chairs will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon. Fresh flowers and gold coloured table runners will be used. Gold coloured under plates will be set up, and gold coloured napkin rings will be used. Beautiful candles will be placed also on the table. A bridal walking trail will be prepared with 4 artificial flower arrangements on high metal stands. A white carpet will be rolled out and red rose leafs will be spread on it. Wedding in Mediterranean

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