Tatyana And Vladimir Kazakh Wedding

Kazakh Wedding in antalyaOur partner Ms. Alexandra introduced us a couple, Tatyana and Vladimir. Ms. Alexandra organized an Orchestra and singers from Kazakhstan and also WeddingCityAntalya as a wedding planner organized every detail for having the best wedding in Antalya. It took a lots of days to talk with Alexandra and Tatyana via email and phone to manage everything. When wedding date, 19.08.2017 became closer, more new tasks added to every member of team every day. For wedding decoration, flowers delivered from Kenya, Hatay and Yalova. and unique accessories prepared with a very special thoroughness.

Kazakh wedding in TurkeyWedding preparation in Antalya made our team very excited. Everybody waited to see dear Tatiana reaction for this decoration, will she like it? Will she be happy in the most beautiful day of her life? Every day the date became closer team excitement increase gradually.
We met Tatyana and Vladimir 2 days before the wedding and collected their documents then went to city hall together. We were there because of our inquiry for having civil marriage in Antalya.Last planning process was happened at the wedding venue, Rixos Sungate Hotel with Dears Tatyana, Vladimir and Alexandra.

That was very normal that Tatyana was so excited and nervous in a same time; will everything be same as we planned and I Imagine?

Russian Wedding planning in Turkey Ukraine civil marriage in Antalya

We as a WeddingCityAntalya planning team and our partner hotel Rixos Sungate did nice job without any mistake and organized amazing Kazakh Wedding.

Kazakh civil marriage in Antalya

The most attractive things in ivory and fuchsia decoration theme were fresh flowers. (Fuchsia, green and lilac Hydrangea, Orchid and roses)
Marriage and wedding venues were like flower fields. Tatyana and Vladimir were so happy that day and also guests had lots of fun, according to Kazakh wedding tradition, many competitions were took a place in that wedding by professional wedding toastmaster who add a lots of excitement to atmosphere. 19.08.2017 is the date that we will always remember that we had a dream Kazakh Wedding in Antalya.


General Manager
Gülseren Özdemir

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