Tatiana & Paul Wedding In Turkey-Antalya

unforgettable day for Tatiana & Paul ...
Tatiana Paul Wedding in Turkey-Antalya

Tatiana the bride born in Russia living in England and Paul the Groom born in England is ice skating artist, theater lighting technician. Tatiana &Paul travel the World together for the theatrical performances.first anniversary

British couple get married in TurkeyThey choosed the Antalya/Turkey for their wedding.
We have prepared an unforgettable day for Tatiana & Paul at the Limak Lara Hotel located in Kundu region in Antalya with dynamic and devoted employee of Limak Lara Hotel.
We have organised (Official Marriage) Formal Wedding in Turkey at the platform on the beach and wedding dinner reception at the Italian A la Cart Restaurant of Limak Lara Hotel.

Tatiana & Paul’s positive energy made the wedding photographs unforgettable !!! Most of our dealers still use their full of vim picnic photograps on their social media and website with great pleasure.

wedding in turkey
Wedding night was the unforgettable for our Company Wedding City Antalya. Caucasian dance of Tatiana & Paul was spectacular but more spectecular thing was the their belly dance with Turkish Belly Dancer :)) We remember Tatiana & Paul fondly.

wedding in turkey
Dear Tatian and Paul, we were very happy to see that you choosed your dress as ivory and yellow color to celebrate your first anniversary on the beach just like at your wedding day.

Wedding in Turkey-Antalya

Tatiana & Paul’s wedding photographs at the picnic on the green area of Hotel and Belly Dance photographs marked the Wedding in Turkey-Antalya on 2014 season on social media.
Your wedding photographs still make us smile …

Gülseren ÖZDEMİR

General Manager