Starlight Convention Center Hotel is located at Kızılağaç region at Manavgat. The hotel builded at forrest area at next to mediterranean cost. Starlight Convention Center Hotel is one of the most beautiful wedding hotel of Antalya/TURKEY.Two-story Villas, which builded on the hotel’s garden without any damage to nature of forest, seems just like a postcard and adorned cost Turkey Antalya mediterranean.

Starlight Convention

300 (1536 x 939)Accommodation at the villas which builded in pink, blue like rainbow coloured houses ofAntalyat is a important privilege for each wedding groups who wants to wake up in colourful flowers and trees.
Antalya is such a wedding privilege on the Mediterranean coast… You can add colour of nature to your weddings by layingover at uniqe houses of Antalya arthitecture next to forest without any concrete area.
You will gonna disappear yourself in morning at terraces of Starlight Hotel with wiev of beauty navy colour of Mediterranean… And beautiful redder

sky on Sunset will take over your mind.Stars on the evening and reflection of Full Moon from sea… Photos of your wedding will be immortal at here.

Venues of Dream Weddings.VIP Lounge (800 x 337)
Interesting venues of Starlight Hotel will gonna surprise.
Huge, eye-catching large, special cave concept is prepared.
Sky dome of cave adorned with light like thousand stars on sky. It is impossible to not get excited from Modern Bazars, huge street builded with huge colums, Dreamy lighting in colour of rainbows inside of cave.
We are preparing special Sangeet ceremony for Indian wedding groups and we prepare wedding ceremony in this special venue. We feel lucky us to be able to host our wedding groups in this privileged venue.
1 (1) (3458 x 1742) (1141 x 574)

Large Pools of Starlight Hotels are available options for large wedding groups
Team of Wedding City Antalya is works on to find Hit Hotels of Antalya and preparing wedding projects for venues of each hit hotels with out any Tirelessly.

No success is coincidence.

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