Rendala And Tamim Lebanese Wedding

lebanese wedding planner antalyaWe met Rendala in November 2016 when she sent us a request for a wedding. Our correspondence lasted so long that Rendala already became a part of our lifes. Sometimes I called our consultant who corresponded with her by the name of Rendala. And it began to happen more and more often so that it was very funny for everybody in the office.While our negotiations and preparation of the documents were going on via whatsapp, we were happy to share with Rendala and Tamim their exciting expectation of the official registration and Marriage In Antalya.

Lebanese wedding Planner in antalyaOn June 28, 2017 at 09:00 AM we took Rendala and Tamim from the Spice Hotel in Belek and went to Antalya to prepare Official Documents for their marriage. After returning to the hotel, we walked to the place of the future wedding and discussed the wedding program. Rendala and Tamim should be the most cheerful bride and groom of Lebanon. This cute couple has a special place in my life. I still sometimes call my workers by name Rendala. Dear Rendala, do not forget us. On the day of the wedding on June 29, we went towards the Spice hotel with the whole team of 20 people on three cars, a minibus, and also three trucks with materials came with us.

Wedding organization in Antalya Wedding organization in turkeyWe prepared a special wedding decor for Randala and Tamim and were excited as much as them. At the entrance to the wedding place, I installed a special pano, on which the initial letters of the names of the bride and groom were written.

draem lebanese wedding Turkey

Since in the foreign passports the surname is written first, the name Rajeh was saved in my memory, and I put the letter R instead of the letter T - Tamim. Seeing the letter R, Tamim and his friends turned to me: "Gulseren...!" And laughed. Dear Tamim i want to say I am sorry once more :) When you see the letter R on the video and photos, I know that you will remember me :)

The guests had an incredible party all evening. Randala and Tamim danced on their friends' shoulders. We immortalized these moments of joy and happiness on 2500 photographs and video throughout the wedding. On June 29, 2017, thanks to the couple Randala and Tamim, together with their friendly guests, our Lebanese-Turkish friendship was born, which left a deep impression on my life and on the lifes of my team.

Dear Randala and Tamim, we will never forget you.


General Manager
Gülseren Özdemir

Rendala And Tamim Lebanese Wedding
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Rendala And Tamim Lebanese Wedding
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