Zainab & Abbas Indian Wedding in Turkey

Zainab & Abbas Indian Wedding in Turkey

Zainab & Abbas Ali contacted us over Internet for their Persian and Indian Wedding in Turkey – Antalya. After first e-mail, our friendship has started.

indian wedding in turkey

indian wedding in turkey
Zainab born in India. Her mother was from India and her father was from Iran. She was Canadian citizen but she was living in UK. Abbas Ali born in India but he was living in UK as he is British Citizen.

They tried so hard to prepare the documents for their civil marriage in Turkey. They have finally prepared the documents but we have had correspondance for 1 year.

Zainab and Abbas Ali came to Antalya for their Indian Wedding in Turkey before the wedding to see wedding venue and Indian menu. Our partner Limak Lara Hotel prepared the samples of delicious Indian menu.

Zainab had a 1 year by being locked oneself into wedding to make everything Perfect.

She could not withhold herself to plan everything even If I wrote that please don’t burn yourself out, let us plan your wedding and enjoy your wedding preparations. Now she is on honeymoon and she is trying to get some rest.

We have prepared the Altar and ceremony table at the terrace on seaside for the civil marriage ceremony. Also Sofreh AGHD table was prepared for religious ceremony.

Indian Wedding in Turkey

persian wedding with sofreh aghd

We got very nice visuals by taking aerial shoots of prepared decoration with drone. We have prepared a very nice traditional wedding video combined steadicam and aerial shooting visuals.
Civil marriage ceremony and Sofreh AGHD was so fun. After the wedding ceremony, we took so many photo of Zainab and Abbas Ali on the Beach.

Wedding dinner decoration was finished at the A la Carte Restaurant on poolside. Decoration was very simple and elegant with ivory color and fushia.
Women of wedding guest was looking like rainbow because of their traditional colorful dress . Indian Weddings have a important place in the world with their traditional dress and dance.

We always enjoy the day during the Persian wedding and Indian Weddings.

Now Indian Weddings are organising in Turkey more than before and as a Wedding Planner, we are able to organise traditional Indian Weddings in Turkey – Antalya.

Gülseren Özdemir

General Manager


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