Niusha & Saman Persian Wedding Sofreh Aghd

Niusha & Saman’s- born in Iran and living in Canada wedding preparations took a 1 year to organise their persian wedding with Sofreh Aghd Ceremony in Turkey Antalya at the Spice Hotel & Spa.

Sofreh Aghd Ceremony in antalyaCustom designs created for the sofreh aghd ceremony in Turkey. We know that Sofreh Aghd Ceremony in Turkey is very important according to persian culture. Silk fabric decorations with more mirror, swarovski stoned candlesticks, swarovski stoned special candle holders and candles make the Sofreh Aghd table special. Everything should be silver on the sofreh aghd ceremony table and of course fresh flowers decoration should be with fresh flowers.

Sofreh Aghd ceremony in TurkeyOur Company has all experience in Turkey to prepare sofreh aghd ceremony in Turkey and organise Persian Weddings in Turkey. Therefore we have prepared a special surprise for Dear Niusha.

Our friendship between us has been established with this surprise which we have specially prepared private the sofreh aghd ceremony for Niusha & Saman and for their guests.

We were very happy to make all of them happy with all of our preparations. There are continents between us and Niusha & Saman but we belieive in that a strong emotional bond has been established between us.

Sofreh Aghd designer in Antalya

From time to time we have had some difficulties during the wedding correspondence for the preparation but an unforgettable emotional bond has been established between us with excellent persian sofreh aghd ceremony in Turkey which reflects the persian culture. We wish their happiness to be eternal.

Like we always say, Entrust Your Dreams to Us for Perfect Persian Wedding in Turkey with sofreh aghd ceremony

Gülseren ÖZDEMİR
General Manager

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