Nazanin And Reza Persian Wedding In Turkey Antalya

Iranian Wedding in antalya

Nazanin & Reza came to Turkey with their family to meet with us and to see the wedding venue after a long correspondence. It was very nice to meet with them. Also the friendship formed between us very pleasant while visiting Hotels.
They decided to Miracle Hotel as wedding Hotel in Turkey. Miracle Hotel impressed them with terrace with a sea view and with A la Cart Restaurant. They liked the Hotel very much because of high ceilings and it is surrounded on three sides by glass.

Persian Weddings in Turkey

Miracle Hotel one of a distinguished wedding venue in Turkey-Antalya was the right choise. After that we need to buy a wedding dress for Nazanin. We had an appoinment before for Nazanin. We tried to find all day wedding dress for Nazanin with company representative and Nazanin’s mother.

Persian Weddings in TurkeyFinally Nazanin found dreamed wedding dress. She have had happy fatigue. When wedding day came, we were very excited like our family is coming. Our meeting was very pleasant on the wedding day. That was a perfect feeling to see them miss us too.

Persian Weddings in Turkey

We started to make decoration with my team with great pleasure. We have prepared a Perfect wedding organization with Miracle Hotel’s team. Decoration, wedding dinner, music everything

Persian dance in antalya

was Perfect. All guests have had fun together. We love the Persian wedding music too because of because of our culture Similitude. I felt myself like second mother of Reza on the Wedding. I guess This was not one-sided.It was a very special wedding night for us.

We never forgot you and we will always miss you.

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

Persian Wedding In Antalya
Persian Wedding
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Nazanin And Reza Persian Weddings In Turkey
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