Kellie & Thomas British Wedding Ceremony

Kellie & Thomas reached us for their Wedding Ceremony in Turkey-Antalya through our dealer in UK. We have had 1 year correspondence for the formal Wedding Ceremony in Turkey- Antalya. We met face to face with Kellie & Thomas when we met at the Hotel for wedding and preperation of formal wedding ceremony in Turkey-Antalya.Couples anyhwhere in the world always ask us about formal wedding in Turkey-Antalya; for example, do you need a lot of time for the formal wedding and Formal wedding in Turkey is valid? etc.

formal wedding in Turkeyformal wedding in TurkeySurely Kellie & Thomas was also experiencing the same worries. We met at 09:00 o’clock. Paperwork preparation was finished at 11:00 o’clock before the noon. Unfortunately we were expecting the rainy weather, although it is in May, When we check the air condition.

We were all a little panic but we have prepared the wedding venue decoration at the platform near of the pool of Limak Lara Hotel as plan B. This nice venue which is the most special place of Limak Lara Hotel was the better than we expected. Kellie & Thomas and wedding guests liked very much the wedding venue. The wedding decoration was a lot of meaning combined with stylish people.

British Wedding in TurkeyWedding Ceremony in Turkey

Dear Kellie was very stylish and elegant bride. She was one of the elegant and very beautiful bride that I have seen the in wedding. Thomas also looked very stylish and charismatic in the gray suit. They looked like two drops of water during the wedding photography. I was impressed by their elegance. My feeling is still clear as the day. Very Cheerful family photos was taken. Everyone was very cheerful and very excited.
All of International Wedding Ceremony in Turkey has different color and light by itself. Our wedding has never been the same with a previous wedding.

We still have the different beauties and memories from our every Wedding Ceremony in Turkey-Antalya.
We have prepared a gorgeous wedding ceremony and wedding dinner reception with experienced staff of one of our best partner Limak Lara Hotel.

Wedding Ceremony in antalyaBritish Wedding in Turkey We have prepared special bridal table (top table) for Kellie & Thomas and their 2 children. Bridal Table looked very elegant with many mirror and candles combined with the fresh flowers. White roses was placed in differen size vases together with small clear stones. Floating candles on the water too, Bridal table was simple but elegant. But, Posture, light and gracefulness of Kellie had left the table decoration in the background. My Team and I will always remember Kellie & Thomas that.

Wedding in Turkey is always something different but sometimes wedding of couples with too high light and energy is pushing the boundaries of excellence. We were together only 2 days with Kellie & Thomas but we still feel the same excitement when we look at the wedding photographs. Children have had fun more then everyone like in turkey

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