Kathrine & Anders Wedding In Turkey Antalya

I would like to share my thoughts about Kathrine & Anders Wedding In Turkey-Antalya. Kathrine & Anders, their doughter and their family were very cute and cheerful wedding group. This wedding group was a family from Norway Who was distributing the warmth around like the sunny Antalya.

We have prepared for Kathrine & Anders and their guests a unforgettable formal Wedding Ceremony in Turkey-Antalya and wedding dinner reception on the beach with extraordinary experienced employees of Gloria Verde Hotel which is located in Belek region.

Wedding in Turkey AntalyaWedding In Turkey

All the positive energy was reflected to wedding photos through the to the laugh ability of the bride ‘’ Kathrine’’.There was a wonderful wedding album with the energy filled photos. We still keep this beautiful wedding album and looking back again and again with great pleasure. Couples who would like to have their Wedding In Turkey always choose almost the same venue and same decoration without hesitation.

Perfection at this wedding is hidden in the sincere smile of the bride ‘’ Kathrine ‘’. Wedding Ceremony on the beach of Kathrine &Anders became a symbol of Gloria Verde Hotel. I and my team am still looking back to the wedding photographs with a great pleasure as a

Norwegian couple getting married in Turkey wedding planner in antalya

Wedding Planner in Turkey

Our company Wedding City Antalya’s goal as a Wedding Planner In Turkey is the realize your dreams. So we are able to organise your dreams wedding in Turkey / Antalya with great pleasure. Let entrust us with your dreams like Kathrine & Anders did. Please contact us for further information and question to getting married in Turkey - Antalya.

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

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Kathrine & Anders Wedding In Turkey
Kathrine & Anders Wedding In Antalya
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