Igor & Mariya Ukranian Wedding In Turkey - Antalya

Ukranian Wedding in Turkey Antalya is something different with our beach wedding packages. As a wedding planner in Antalya we will make your dreams come true.

Ukranian Weddings in Turkey

Ukranian Weddings in Turkey
Igor and Mariya came to Antalya-Turkey from Ukraine with 2 guests for their wedding ceremony. We prepared fantastic beach wedding in Limak Lara Hotel’s coast for them. Igor and Mariya wished they have wedding photos in historical places. And we took them to world-famous historical center of Antalya – Kaleichi (Old Town), which was built on XVII century.

Ukranian Weddings in TurkeyUkranian Weddings in Turkey Antalya
We took amazing photos near Hadrian’s Gate, which never lost it’s historic fabric. Then we also took wedding photos in lanes of Kaleichi, between small mansions.
After we took romantic photos on lakeshore in a forest park, we went to Duden waterfall. Wonderful rainbow view in place, where waterfall merges with the sea, had became a special gift to our photos in Mediterranean coast.

All together, we walked over fabulous places and enjoyed wedding day.

Ukranian Weddings in Turkey

Ukranian Wedding in Turkey Antalya
Then it came time to go to Limak Lara hotel for wedding ceremony. May, June and September are golden time in Antalya, and 28th of June also was one of these golden days. Hundreds of white and pink roses, decorating bamboo altar on the beach, looked very alluringly. Ceremony table and stands with pink and white roses looked really attractive. Probably, Igor could not wait anymore, because he took Mariya in his arms and walked across the beach. Our groom stopped only in front of white carpet.

Ukranian Weddings in TurkeyCharmed by the Mediterranean, they both started to walk between rose petals to altar, enjoying their happiness. During all the day, me and my crew captured every minute full of happiness. Every time, when we look at these magnificent photos, we remember with love the 28th of June date and Igor and Mariya.
28th of June was really a golden day for us …
Entrust your dreams to us for your Ukranian Wedding in Turkey Antalya.