Galina & Andriy Wedding In Turkey

Galina & Andriy who celebrated their Beach Wedding in Turkey-Antalya were very special for Wedding City Antalya

First, Andriy asked us to arrange a special sightseeing and a romance wedding dinner at the historical special venue for an excellent marriage proposal in Turkey. Our friendship began. Marriage proposal in Turkey was excellent. They returned to Ukrain with excellent memories and photos.

Beach Wedding in TurkeyGalina & Andriy came back to Turkey with their relatives for getting married in Antalya Turkey. We took memorable pictures pre-wedding embraced by the nature of Duden Waterfall which is one of the bes venue of Antalya Turkey for sightseeing.

We made their wedding unforgettable with wedding photographs during the wedding ceremony and the wedding dinner reception at the magnificent beach of the Rixos Laras Hotel at the Kundu Antalya. Moonlight didn’t let them alone accompanied by the acoustic trio music as well Galina & Andrey is a very special couple for our Company ‘’ Wedding City Antalya’’ .

Beach Wedding in Turkey

Marriage proposal photographs at the historical mansion reflects the 17th century still impress me when I look back again and again Also the wedding photographs on the beach give a different pleasure When mentioned ‘’ getting married in Antalya ’’ that firstly cheerful pictures of Galina come to mind. I am sure that guests of our blog will mostly like the cheerful pictures of Galina.

Dear Galina & Andrey, May your happiness be eternal, Let entrust us with your dreams like Galina & Andriy did

Gülseren Özdemir

General Manager

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