Gaby And Houssain Beach Wedding In Turkey

Gaby and Houssain beach wedding in Turkey organised by Wedding City Antalya International Wedding Planner.
Dear Gaby reached us by e-mailing us for their beach wedding in Turkey Antalya. It was very cheerful to correspondance over e-mail and skype. Gaby’s family was from South Africa and Gaby was Netherland citizen. Gaby was at peace with oneself, endearing, thinking positively bride. Houssain was Syrien citizen living in Mersin Turkey. He was rough-looking, petulant but softhearted groom. Our friendship has started like we know each other for years when we met for legal document requirements for civil marraige in Turkey. Beach wedding in Turkey is always first choice. Gaby & Houssain also asked for Beach wedding for their wedding in Antalya Turkey.

beach wedding in TurkeyBeach wedding in Turkey

We have prepared a colorful, chirping decoraiton on the Beach. Everything was Perfect and in harmony.Gaby & Houssaing were dark-skinned and they both were stunning with white dress. Houssain was very handsome with white suit. Also Gaby was stunning with white bridal gown. Gaby’s aunt influenced me as well. Her grey evening gown consisting of a modern line, accessory on her head reflecting the culture of South America andperfect physique was very immpressive. We have prepared a magnificent wedding dinner table at Limak Lara De Luxe Hotel’s poolside platform for Gaby & Houssain.Special prepared wedding decoraiton made them happy and touched them deeply.

Wedding in Turkey

Their happiness made me and my team very happy as well. We forgot all of our fatigue.perfect beach wedding in antalya
It’s very important for our company to make all of wedding guest fell unforgettable day and not be disappointed. We were very glad to see them very happy. We were deeply touched at the end of the night. It was very hard to leave

Dear Gaby & Houssain, we love you!!!

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

Gaby And Houssain Beach Wedding In Turkey
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