Davut And Katya German Wedding

wedding decoration in TurkeyWe met with dear Davut and Katya via internet. Davut is Turk but has German citizenship, Katya is German. We organized Special Symbolic Marriage Ceremony and wedding ceremony to family consisting of 6 persons. Katya was very excited on wedding day as all brides. She was very excited how will be decoration of marriage ceremony and Wedding Ceremony. She liked and chose Wedding Decoration on our websitebut as all brides was very excited. Except decoration that was chosen by Katya we prepared and bring to hotel new decoration of marriage ceremony and new decoration of wedding table.

wedding dinner table design in TurkeyCrystal Sunrise Queen Hotel located in Side on the Mediterranean coast is like a dream hotel.We organized marriage ceremony venue on the green area. An Altar that was decorated with pink-white flowers and marriage table opened to the limitless Mediterranean Sea was marvelous. Bride path ways decorated with pink-white flowers and white wooden crates on green grass were like on oil painting. White wooden crates, bird cages decorated with flowers and pink-white flowers decorated accessories were incredibly beautiful.

best wedding ceremony near seaWe take bride’s table to other side of green terrace. We put glass vases inside with white pearls and swimmer little candles on bride’s table and decorated it with pink material and fresh flowers. Swarovski candlesticks were the most fabulous décor of bride’s table. We are all impatiently waiting for bride and groom. As groom can’t see the bride till the wedding, according wedding traditions in Europe, Davut came to the wedding venue. He was very surprised didn’t stop saying “super super” when saw how was the wedding venue and bride’s table.

German wedding in AntalyaWhile groom’s wonder didn’t stop, Katya with her Mom and sister was coming to the wedding venue. Happiness and wonder of Katya was precious moments for me and my team. Katya liked everything so much that her eyes were filled up with tears. She repeatedly thanked us. Katya was so on good mood that took some white napkins, made purdah and became dancing oriental Turkish dance by the rhythm of music coming from amphitheatre of the hotel.

wedding party in Turkeywedding party for german couple AntalyaKatya was the first German girl who I ever seen that can danced so rhythmically. Davut couldn’t stop himself, took rose in mouth and joined Katya. At the end of the magnificent dance groom gifted Katya that pink flower. It is really big happiness to make dreams of people come true. Me and my team are working with unbelievable self-abnegation for living these moments, and can constantly surprise and between ourselves to make brides cry from happiness. It was great night, they incredible entertained. I saw that fun and entertainment of wedding with six men is directly related to energy of Davut and Katya.

Let this energy long for whole life.

Let your life be always beautiful as your wedding.

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