Anna & Stephen’s Wedding Ceremony In Turkey-Antalya

Anna & Stephen’s wedding ceremony in Antalya Turkeywas held by a professional wedding planner in Antalya. Our company provides individual wedding packages for your wedding in Turkey.

wedding ceremony in antalya turkey

Wedding Ceremony in Antalya Turkey

Anna and Stephen applied for official wedding over our web-site for their wedding ceremony in Antalya Turkey. Anna is a Russian citizen and Stephen is Scottish. While we chatted with them regarding to necessary documents for formal wedding Anna and Stephen became a part of our daily life.

We agreed on meeting with them in Antalya on 9th of November for marrige preparations and got an appoitment from registry office. In the morning of 9th November we took the road to our partner hotel Limak Lara to meet them. On the halfway we received a phone call from our office. One of employees called and said that Anna and Stephen changed their mind and they want to cancel their wedding. We got really shocked. At that moment Anna was 32, and Stephen was 45 years old. Why’d they took this decision? I tried to find a reason. Did we do something wrong? Maybe, there was an uncompleted service from our side? But nothing came to my mind We called their hotel room as soon as we arrived to office.

Probably, during the intervening time their love for each other defeated the jealousy, as our phone call became a new start for everything. Stephen asked: “Anna, do you still love me and will you marry me?” Anna: “Yes, I love you very much and I will marry you ” Such a great answer!

We departed immediately as Stephen asked us if we can come to hotel and pick them up for paperworks. In whole of my life I haven’t seen such pretty and cheerful couple as Anna and Stephen. 9th November 2016 was an unforgettable day for all of us.

We had an enjoyful lunch all together, when we finished their marriage application. After a horary windstorm we spent an incredibly cheerful day. On their wedding day 7th of January, first thing we saw when we opened our eyes was a ferocious storm. But even that weather could not deject us.

Wedding in Turkey Antalya

We met with Anna and Stephen’s parents. They are great people. Blest, stressless people, who are enjoying the moment and the day they are living. Especially Stephen’s father is such vivacious and mirthful as 18 years old guy. All of us enjoyed a great day with those warm people. All together we laughed understated for 10 minutes after every taken photo. Dear Anna & Stephen, we are really lucky to meet you and your families.

scottish wedding in antalyaWedding Ceremony in Antalya Turkey

We had incredible fun holding small competitions with small gifts. Stephen’s father performed a great dance when he won his first gift. We are happy to meet you, wonderful person. We wish you always be happy and healthy life. Let your perfect aura be always with you.
On 7th of January 2016 Anna, Stephen and their families became a wind of happiness for us. We will never ever forget you. Thank you all for that special wedding. It’s nice that you came into our lifes. It’s nice to meet you and organise your wedding ceremony in Antalya Turkey.

Entrust your dreams to us for your wedding ceremony in Antalya Turkey just like Anna & Stephen did.

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

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