Private Wedding Venue in Turkey

Private Wedding Venue in Turkey, such as
Dosya 19The nights are like a dream on the Mediterraned beach which is in Turkey/Antalya.
A la Cart Resraurant on the terrace of IC Green Palace Hotel was prepared with special decoration. This restaurant is a magnificent private wedding venue fo the couples who would like to have their wedding in Turkey-Antalya. When you extend your hand to the sky, you feel like you touched the stars.
You will experience an unforgettable wedding dinner in the evening…The moonlight in the sky, the vicinity of the stars, the fascinating view in the night of the hotel lights will take you into a endless world of dreams…
Unforgettable night overview near of the moonlight and stars light falls will take you your dreams.
Private Wedding Venue in TurkeyRomance of the reflection on the mirror of the burning candles on the special prepared bridal table will fascinate you different.
When you think about wedding in Turkey, navy blue Mediterranean Sea, navy blue sky thousands of glittering stars and phosphorescence & moonlight the functioning of all cells will come to your mind. Of course refleciton on the mirror of the on the trembling dancing candles.
Not fnished yet !!!
What about your memories from the wedding ceremony on the Mediterranean beach… Eye can see the navy blue water of Mediterranean Sea is loading a separate meaning to coast of the IC Green Palace Hotel.
Our world brand wedding hotel partner IC Hotels are hotel chain which is working with All Inclusive Basis and also have the Blue Flag.
Your wedding photographs on the green area between the colorful flowers will take you to the Spring when you look back to your photographs on the winter.
Our Company ‘’Wedding City Antalya’’ provides the excellent private wedding venue and wedding venue decoration in Turkey and separate night and day different.
Entrust your Dreams to us for your Perfect wedding in Turkey….
Private Wedding Venue in Turkey


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