Carrie – Kris Wedding Planners in Antalya Turkey

Carrie – Kris Wedding Planners in Antalya Turkey

As a wedding planners in Antalya Turkey, we have received wedding request of Carrie & Kris via e-mail. We sent
wedding planners in Antalya Turkeythem our wedding packages and wedding hotel information.

They liked Gloria Hotels very much. They came to Gloria Hotel to check wedding venue. It was very nice to meet with Carrie & Kris. They wanted to have a Beach wedding like most of couples to celebrate their wedding in Turkey.

They liked the hotel so much.

Wedding Planners in Antalya Turkey

They asked for Official wedding ceremony at the platform on the river of Gloria Serenity and wedding dinner reception at the A la Carte Restaurant on the river. Hotel management didn’t avoid from any sacrifice. They prepared the both venue as private special for Carrie & Kris and they didn’t request any additional cost.

wedding planners in Antalya Turkey

Wedding Planners in Antalya Turkey

1 year passed very quickly with wedding planning and civil marriage paperwork. Wedding date came very quickly.

We picked Carrie and Kris up from Gloria Serenity Hotel for civil marriage paperwork. We finished the paperwork together. We just came back to the Hotel for final preparations of wedding. We had a pleasant and cheerful and unhurried day.

We as team arrived to Hotel on 5th of September as 10 person. Our Professional makeup artist and hairdresser directly started to prepare the bride. I and my team started to prepare the wedding ceremony venue at the platform on the river and wedding dinner reception. Therefore ı couldn’t get chance to see preparation of Carrie. wedding planners in Antalya Turkey

wedding ceremony in turkey

Time passed very quickly. All preparation was done. Time was 18.00 o’clock. I just put the botton holes for Kris. He was very excited. Kris was excitedly waiting for Carrie to come wedding ceremony venue.

wedding in turkey

Carrie was walking in his father’s arms on the aisle to the Kris. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

wedding planners in Antalya TurkeyShe changed a lot. She captivated me with her beauty in her wedding gown like a swan. She was absolutely stunning with her hair, makeup, stance, cute smile and spontaneity.

I looked at the Kris. He was just like me. He was looking bewildered but he was very excited. Official marriage ceremony was done. Everything was Perfect. Wedding group was very cheerful people. They had so much fun by taking family pictures.

wedding in turkey

wedding planners in Antalya Turkey

Wedding dinner reception area which was like a ‘’T’’ letter was romance with white lanterns,flowers, mirrors anda lot candles. Nature had a surprize to this romance. Sunset is like a fireball on September. Sunset was doing a incredible sea sparkle on the left of Carrie. She was looking like oil painting portrait.

Carrie was not aware of this beauty but we didn’t miss anything from this beauty. It became immortalized with our wedding photos.

Wedding Planners in Antalya Turkey

Sunset and Carrie….

We wish happiness and endless love for Carrie & Kris

Gülseren Özdemir

General Manager


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