Nicola & Scott Wedding In Turkey

We have received Nicola’s wedding request from our partner WoW Toplapı Palace Hotel. Dear Nicola decided to celebrate her wedding in Turkey because she stayed at WoW Topkapı Palace Hotel before.
Nicola & Scott have never been regret to this decision …

wedding in Turkey
wedding in TurkeyWe have had a correspondence with Nicola and her sister Hannah. We have received questions via e-mail understated every other day,we answered these questions every other day as well :))) Sometimes Dear Nicola asked us the same questions which she asked a few months ago. We did joke by saying ‘’ Dear Nicola, We wrote this information to you in this email dated.’’

Everyone naturally worry about formal wedding in Turkey, formal wedding documents preparation and wedding in foreign countries. Therefore Dear Nicola experienced a stressful year. This correspondence between us has created a wonderful friendship.
We’ve been looking for her e-mail every morning. Dear Nicola wrote that ‘’ This is my last question, I won’t ask again ‘’ but she rightly asks another question again within 2 days.
It is not easy to trust to a wedding planner in Turkey you don’t even know for your most important day o your life. Therefore we agree with couples.
We knew each other so well that when we met at Hotel’s reception for formal wedding preparation. She promised us to send us an email and never forget us after the wedding :))
We just finished the official marriage application half a day. We spent an enjoyable half day. Dear Nicola is cheerful and fabulous person. We became a family with couple by having 1 year mutual correspondence.

wedding in antalyawedding in Turkey
I think I’m a very lucky person. To be an international wedding planner in Turkey is so hard and requiring knowledge and responsibility.
There are many people anywhere in the world who I accept as one of the family and formed the bond of love between us. Therefore I love my job. Nicola was a beautiful bride on wedding day. Nicola’s sister Hannah did an incredibly beautiful bridal hair. Also our makeup artist had done incredibly beautiful makeup. I was very impressed. We hugged each other. I embraced her with a motherly compassion. She experienced a lot of stress for a year.

british wedding in turkey

british wedding in turkey
Wedding ceremony venue was like a dream. Also I have prepared the wedding dinner venue decoraiton like a dream wedding more than expected. Dear Nicola was only knowing that decoration will be prepared with ivory and coral color. It was impossible to imaginethe whole decoration. Dear Nicola was relieved after getting to know me and my team. She was incredibly happy. I was also very excited.

wedding in Turkey
Nicola’s happiness made me forget all of my fatigue while she walks in her father’s arms toward Scott. It was a spectacular wedding. We took very cheerful wedding photographs after the ceremony. We all had so much fun.

british wedding in antalyaDear Nicola was happy as children when she saw the decoration of wedding dinner venue. I don’t remember a bride such as Nicola who hugged me and kissed again and again. We can not leave even after the wedding. Dear Nicola hugged me many times and kissed each other even after guest are gone. Loving British wedding in Turkey has caused the beginning of the Turkish-British friendship.
Dear Nicola is keeping the promise. She stil email us as ‘’ Did you miss me?’’ :)))
Dear Nicola we love you …
We will be always waiting for your email.

Gülseren Özdemir
General manager

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