Nadin & Marco’s Wedding Planner In Turkey Antalya

As an International Wedding Planner in Turkey, we have received wedding request which is for civil marriage in Turkey of Nadin & Marco on 18.06.2015. Their legal requirements for their official marriage in Turkey Antalya was prepared quickly for their wedding on 24.09.2015. We will be organising a Beach wedding ceremony for them.

wedding planner in turkeyWedding Planner in Turkey

Nadin & Marco were a German soldiers. We were impressed from their smile and happinness on their face. Normally they supposed to be very serious face because of their occupation. Sometimes I felt like I am organising the wedding ceremony of my own daughter. I was very happy to follow Nadin If she has any missing or not. They became our family member just in 1 day.

Our wedding hotel partner WoW Topkapi Palace allowed us to use pier for wedding ceremony without any additional cost. Many special thanks to WoW Topkapi Hotel for their kindly support. We have prepared a magnificent Beach wedding ceremony at the pier of WoW Topkapi Hotel which is one of the best wedding hotel of Mediterranean coast. Nadin & Marco lived a day like a fairy tale. They were prince & princess of the day.

wedding planner in antalyaMarco impressed from the atmosphere of the day and he was touched. His eyes to brim with tears.Nadin hugged his and She wiped his tears with her hands. They shared this moment together. As Wedding City Antalya, I think we are very lucky. We share the happiness ant tears of couples and their guest coming from all over the world and we make that unforgettable. We had 2 great days with Nadin & Marco and their son but we will never forget them and the memories we have.

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

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